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Finally: Last Sector Without Electricity Connected

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:23 pm

Kibangu Sector finally connected

It has been a long journey and some would think that it is a luxury, but, having electricity is now becoming a dream come true across all sectors of Rwanda.

Kibangu Sector from Muhanga district-Southern province was the last among ten sectors that did not have electricity towards the end of second decade of the 21st century.

Gitega cell in Kibangu was the first to be connected to the national grid in December 2020 as efforts to connect the remaining five remote cells continue.

“We hope to connect all cells soon; the only challenge has been scattered settlements,” said Rosine Mukaseti, the head of Rwanda Energy Group(REG) in Muhanga district.

In December 2019, the Minister of Infrastructure Claver Gatete pledged to have connected ten sectors that were remaining in darkness out of  416 sectors including Cyabakamyi, Rwaniro, Mugano, Musange, Nkomane, Kibangu, Nyabirasi, Gasange, Mutuntu, and Ndego.

The situation on December 19, 2019. Currently, all the sectors are connected

Ever since the sectors were connected one after another.

Rwanda has an ambitious plan to connect all (100%) homes by the year 2024 as seen in the National Strategic plan. 2017-2024, but four years to the deadline, less than 60% are connected.

Projects nearing completion are set to lead towards this target and those include. The Gisagara Peat-to-Power Plant which is run by HQ Power is expected to feed 40 Megawatts into the national grid, out of 70 Megawatts at the completion in July 2021.

The biggest source of electricity after the Nyabarongo hydropower plant(28 Megawats), the Peat-to-power plant is expected to increase the country’s electricity supply.


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