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CMA Rwanda Participates in the 5th edition of the IOSCO’s World Investor Week Campaign

by KT Press Reporter
2:40 pm

The Rwanda’s Capital Market Authority (CMA) joins the rest of the world to celebrate the 2021 World Investor Week which will involve a week of activities carried out by CMA, Rwanda Stock Exchange (RSE) and capital market intermediaries to guide current and future investors to help them make informed financial decisions since a “well-informed investor is a well-protected investor”. Rwanda is an associate member of the IOSCO.

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) holds its fifth annual World Investor Week (WIW), a global campaign supported by securities markets regulators and IOSCO stakeholders around the world. From 4 to 10 October 2021, securities markets regulators, stock exchanges, global and regional financial organizations and other stakeholders will conduct an array of educational activities. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of investor education and protection in participants´ jurisdictions.

The Public Relations and Communications Officer of CMA Rwanda, Magnifique Migisha noted that: “CMA, RSE and all market intermediaries in Rwanda usually complement each other towards various investor education activities. During this year’s World Investor Week, we will conduct digital media and broadcast media campaigns to engage the public into available saving and investment opportunities through the local stock market.”

Mr. Migisha added: “We shall aim at raising awareness of the importance of investor education and highlight various investor education initiatives in place; in line with CMA and the capital market industry’s mandates to promote investor education and public awareness in Rwanda.”

Rwanda has made impressive strides over the last decade in developing its local capital market, as one of the new sectors in the country with many untapped opportunities.

CMA and the capital market industry have committed to carry out regular public education and awareness initiatives meant to bridge the financial literacy gap targeting retail investors in Rwanda to facilitate an interactive, and educative forum to enable investors to start saving and investing through the local capital market.

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