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The Ben, Miss Pamella Cooling Off in Maldives

by Andrew Shyaka
5:04 pm


This is Love hitmaker The Ben secretly flys from USA to love Island Maldives to meet girlfriend Pamella .

The two love birds can’t stop painting their affection every day on social media while enjoying the celebrated island known for hosting international recognized celebrities.

Pamella has been craving to sleep in the chest of his musician boyfriend ever since he flew back to Chicago, but God answered her players and she is happily enjoying life with the love of hers.

Local tabloids got the wind of two love birds gate away when they posted their pics on social media.

Pamella as usual was the first one to front her pics enjoying the white sand of Velassaru Beach followed by The Ben walking on the same beach and their followers started connecting the dots.

According to the news reaching our entertainment desk, the celebrity couple camped at one of the lit hotel floating on the Indian Ocean water.

The Ben and Miss Pamella started dating late 2019, playing undercover dodging media and now it’s almost coming to two years in a super relationship.

Before The Ben went back to USA , where he is based in Chicago, he took Miss Pamella to Zanzibar, to enjoy their love adventures off public eye.

It is also rumored that, the two met to finalize the project of marriage on the sidelines of the vacation.

Back in 2018, The Ben was rumored to be having ‘A thing’ with Diamond Platnumz’s Ex-lover, socialite Zari Hassan, after Zari posted a video with The Ben while on a vacation in The US, but The Ben denied the rumors.


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