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FEBABU’s President Resigns after Pressure that Followed Dynamo’s Saga at the BAL

by Annet Mugabo
4:48 pm

Jean Paul Manirakiza, who served as president of the Burundi Basketball Federation (FEBABU) for three years, has resigned, citing personal reasons and internal disagreements within the organization.
His resignation came after the intervention of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which sought to resolve internal disputes within FEBABU.
   The controversy began during The Kalahari Conference, part of the Africa Basketball League (BAL) Season 4, hosted in South Africa in March 2024.
During the BAL playoffs against Cape Town Tigers, the Burundi-based team Dynamo refused to wear the “Visit Rwanda” logo, the main sponsor’s emblem, on their jerseys.
This decision was influenced by recent allegations that the Rwandan government supported a rebel group called “Red Tabara,” which was fighting in Burundi—an accusation Rwanda denied.
 Despite being warned, Dynamo persisted in their refusal, leading to their forfeit and subsequent expulsion from the BAL.
In a letter dated April 12, FIBA Secretary General Andreas Zagklis informed Manirakiza that FEBABU was temporarily suspended from all basketball activities due to this incident.
  This suspension drew significant backlash from many Burundians, especially players and fans, which ultimately pressured Manirakiza to resign from his position as president of FEBABU.
He submitted his resignation letter on April 19, citing personal reasons.
KT Press has learned that this issue will be further addressed in a meeting at the end of April at the House of Basketball, FIBA’s headquarters in Mies, Switzerland.
 The meeting, chaired by the highest executive body of FIBA, will determine the length of the suspension and other potential consequences for FEBABU.
Meanwhile, FEBABU’s suspension has already had a significant impact on players, as they are barred from participating in BAL playoffs and representing Burundi in international basketball competitions.
 The Kalahari Conference, part of the BAL Season 4, featured four teams: FUS Rabat from Morocco, Petro de Luanda from Angola, Cape Town Tigers from South Africa, and Dynamo from Burundi, marking the latter’s debut in the BAL. The BAL grand playoffs are set to take place in Kigali, Rwanda, in May 2024.

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