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BPR Awards Best Students at Adventist University of Central Africa

by KT Press Reporter
2:37 pm

BPR was this Sunday honoured to witness and take part in the 27th graduation ceremony of the Adventist university of Central Africa , where the bank awarded the Top 5 graduating students in different faculties with one Laptop each.

In addition to the laptops, the bank offered a 12 month professional internship opportunity to each of the top 5 students where they will gain practical skills in the bank, which will prepare and equip them for the job market.

Speaking at the ceremony BPR Chief Business Officer, Xavier Mugisha Shema  said, “Education is among the pillars of Rwanda’s vision 2050, and as a bank we are actively involved in the communities of our members through our philanthropic investments and sponsorships where we facilitate access to education, women and girls empowerment. Joining the university and awarding these top graduating students today, only affirms our commitment towards the development of the education sector in Rwanda” .

Shema also pledged the bank’s commitment towards consistently working together with other stakeholders in the education sector to enhance quality of education in Rwanda.

“on behalf of the leadership of the bank, I pledge our commitment to always put our human and financial resources together and to work with other government and non-government stakeholders involved in the education and other sectors to contribute to the economic and social well-being of people and communities,” he concluded.

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