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Minister Bamporiki Says Mea Culpa

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:24 pm

Edouard Bamporiki(Right First line)

Minister of State in the Ministry of Sports and Culture Edouard Bamporiki who was suspended yesterday from his duties over corruption case has taken to twitter to demand pardon over.

Bamporiki first addressed himself to President Paul Kagame where he said:”Your Excellency the head of State, I did wrong. The heart cannot allow me a few rest, brethrens, friends, social media followers, a made a crime of taking a bribe and I have nothing else to say apart from humbly asking you to forgive me. I plead you,” he said in a Kinyarwanda tweet.

Yesterday, following a communique from Primature announcing Bamporiki’s suspension by the appointing authority, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau(RIB) said that Bamporiki was under house arrest.

President Kagame who is also active on twitter responded to comments of tweeps where someone had said “God and the people he entrusted with power may forgive you, but never sin again.”

The President replied that the person was right to advise that Bamporiki should not do wrong again but his tweet may insinuate that it was not the first time he messed up.

“Just not to do wrong over and over again and to apologize every now and then which is the case of Bamporiki and other people like him. Anyone can do wrong, but it is also possible to desist from doing it. Being punished is also helpful,” Kagame said.