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Children’s Safety Online is Priority-EdTech Monday

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:08 pm

EDTech Monday, September Edition

The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) says that they are working with education technology application developers to ensure that children’s safety online is guaranteed

Ghislaine Kayigi, the Chief Cyber Security Standards Officer at NCSA says they are currently working with App developers to ensure this security using directives given to all developers.

“This is one of the services we currently offer for application developers and we work with schools and parents to ensure that the internet content is trusted.We need a scenario such that when there is a problem we can follow up,” Kayigi said September 26, 2022 during EdTech Monday Episode on KTRadio and Kigali Today Youtube channel

Ghislaine Kayigi

Kayigi said that NCSA works with schools to train teachers and students on use of internet and its safety especially engaging these caretakers to ask questions on how and what the children encounter online including cyber-attacks and harassment for proper follow up.

Local initiatives like TWIS- an EdTech helping children to become better readers by equipping them with age-appropriate stories and tailored assessments is one of the platforms that is also ensuring children’s safety online.

The TWIS application helps pupils (so far 2,000) to read books that are meant for children for an affordable price and it can help a parent to monitor the progress of the child.

Content includes various ages for primary pupils but it is content relevant for Rwandan and African children, some of which is available without using internet.

“We can follow up on the content and report to the parent what children are reading,” said Yves Himbaza, Co-founder & Head of Product and Technology TWIS Ltd.

Nicole Igiraneza Ishimwe,

Nicole Igiraneza Ishimwe, a trainer in Future Coders Program at kLab Rwanda said that they use different systems (such as Pop-Ups) to manage internet threats which are highlighted whenever a child is online alone or with a teacher.

“For example we teach them basics of programming from age five and they grow up knowing these threats and how to manage internet content,” Ishimwe said.

To ensure that these skills are shared among many children, Ishimwe said that besides running holiday programs for pupils, they are planning to set up weekend or online programs so as to reach many.

Himbaza Yves

Listeners raised concerns on the issue of cases of internet thefts, especially when applying for international opportunities and sought clarification.

On this issue, Kayigi said that the Authority is available to help applicants verify authenticity of the organization/ institution one is applying for to avoid being conned to pay upfront application funds.

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