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“A Glimpse Of China” On StarTimes To Show A Refreshing Modern Society

by KT Press Staff Writer
1:12 pm

A new season of ‘A Glimpse of China’ showed on StarTimes

The new season of A Glimpse of China received popularity for illustrating a refreshing modern society in a far nation under different cultural background.

It is a series of short documentaries broadcasting on StarTimes channels and online platforms, consists of events, stories and news regarding mutual communication between Africa and China.

As an original information programme, A Glimpse of China exposes the real daily life and development in current China to African audiences. For instance, the programme provides viewers with an overview of China’s economy in early 2022, as well as a visual analysis of the results and reasons for China’s steady economic situation.

Also the News of Beijing Winter Olympic gathered notice for the grand success in organization and technological innovation. Six of the Winter Olympic venues have been reused from the 2008 Summer Olympics, for example the ‘Water Cube’ has been transformed into the ‘Ice Cube’.

The only newly-built ‘Ice Ribbon’ (National Speed Skating Stadium), is the world’s first winter Olympic speed skating venue with a near-zero carbon emission value.

It is also worth mentioning that the programme includes some ordinary real-life stories of young people who have returned home after studying abroad to build their hometowns, and cases of unity and solidarity among China’s ethnic groups, who have worked diligently to achieve prosperity together.

‘A Glimpse of China’ is showing on StarTimes.

The “A Glimpse of China” crew interviewed African ambassadors and representatives of parties, African employees of enterprises and international students in China, inviting them to share what they have seen, heard and felt about working, learning and living in China.

Many of the interviewees shared their respect and admiration for significant achievements in various fields such as economic construction, poverty eradication, social security and ecological protection in the new era, based on their personal experiences.

The African ambassadors and political party representatives interviewed also expressed their willingness to exchange experience with the ruling party in China and to deepen Africa-China cooperation in the new era.

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