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Fred Swaniker Inspires Rwandans to Think Big, Solve Big Problems

by Daniel Sabiiti
7:05 pm

Rwanda joined the rest of the world to organise an international leadership conference- Live2Lead 2022- which brings together globally renowned leaders, and motivational speakers.

The Live2Lead, an annual leadership conference, was broadcast globally live from Atlanta Georgia, the U.S by Maxwell Leadership- a global leadership development organization, and was followed in 300 sites around the world featuring Dr. John C. Maxwell.

Maxwell is the #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker who has sold more than 30 million books.

Other speakers included Eric Thomas, a renowned speaker, and Pastor, and Dr. Tim Elmore- who has worked with and was mentored by Dr. Maxwell.

Live2Lead 2022 held under the theme: “Everyone deserves to be led well” was designed to help senior leaders to better appreciate the impact of their thinking and behavior on the performance of the team and organization.

In Kigali, Rwandans marked the 6th edition of Live2Lead on October 22, 2022, but in a Rwandan and African context – with Dr. Fred Swaniker, one of Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs and founder of African Leadership University (ALU), alongside, Soraya Hakuziyaremye, Deputy Governor National Bank of Rwanda.

Both shared their personal leadership experience to inspire others and showed that leadership isn’t something that one wakes up to become unless one works on it.

Dr. Fred Swaniker said that Rwanda is a privileged country because of the leadership of President Paul Kagame and Rwandans should take advantage of this, which is not the case in other countries.

Swaniker said that his journey to where he is now, was not by accident but because of an early experience that happened to him as a child, along the way and he took a deliberate or an accidental choice.

Born in Ghana and had to flee to the Gambia at age 4, and also six months later was forced to flee again due to coup d’états in both countries.

At 18 years, he had lived in four countries in Africa, and in one of these countries (Botswana), his mother resigned from the job as a Head Teacher handing it to him even when he was young.

Swaniker said that this experience gave him a purpose in life and one has to see the moment of obligation (outrage, opportunity) which needs to be ignored 99% until one answers three big Questions.

These are: Is it big enough- does it solve big problems and call to do difficult things; Is one uniquely qualified (either by chance or intention) and really passionate- drives you insane and oozes you out with sleepless nights?

Swaniker said that very few people have had such an experience as children but less did he know it was preparing to think on a continental level and thus his passion to fight corruption, and establish ALU among other African-focused initiatives.

Swaniker said that good leadership is the ultimate human right and everyone must devote their lives to solving problems even when their goals may outlive them, and asked Rwandans to be agents of change since Rwanda is one of the best-governed countries and has great potential to create a better future.

Live2Lead experience has, over the years, helped participants to get practical leadership tools and key takeaways – to apply when they return to work.

Annet Baingana, the CEO of AB Leadership Solutions, which organizes the event in Kigali the conference has seen the number of participants increase and inspire them to improve leadership in workplaces and communities.

“The conference enables participants to learn from other experts in leadership and the intension is that they leave this place knowing how to lead better,” Baingana said.

One of the participants, James Buyinza, a communication specialist said that he was able to learn communication rules presented by Dr. Maxwell especially the ability to prepare, connect with others, read audiences, and tell a personal story to communicate better.

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