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Rwandan Youth Versus Beer, Drug Abuse: Parenting At Stake  

by Emmy Nuwamanya
2:36 pm

 Youth alcohol abuse is taking a toll on public health and many people have experienced or witnessed the effects including trauma or depression. There is risk that young ones are unknowingly ruining their future and expectations of an entire new generation.

The recent suggestion by Rwanda’s relevant institutions on rising drinking age from 18 to 21 years is part of the solution, but as the saying goes ‘charity begins at home’ if this has to be effective, parents ought to be at the forefront in the upbringing of their children.

The youth grow up searching for their own way in a jungle of ideas, a reason why putting them on the right track should be a concerted effort, including other stakeholders to build on what has been done at family level.

Schools, faith-based organizations, local leaders and other members of the community have to intensify their role to redeem the young ones from ruining their lives through early excessive drinking and using illicit drugs.

Delinquency, coupled with alcohol consumption is a serious problem which requires much attention because the two go hand-in -hand and government spends a lot of money on rehabilitating drug addicts.

As we continue to confront the threat posed by both drug addiction and drunkenness, we must confront people who sell alcohol to the youth under age.  Allowing young ones to get hopelessly intoxicated by alcohol and drugs will leave cases of depression and trauma at a high toll.

Over consumption of alcohol does not only hurt their health; it also cuts lives short. Let the youth think of other ways to keep their minds healthy like engaging in physical fitness exercises and other leisure activities to maintain good mental health.  Remember to keep ‘a health mind in a healthy body’.

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