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We Need A Strong Internet In Our Daily Life – Minister Ingabire

by Marie Grace Munezero
12:17 am

Paula Ingabire, Minister of ICT and Innovations

 The Minister for Technology and Innovation, Paula Ingabire has said that internet is something a modern society cannot go without.

She made the remarks while opening the 2022 Rwanda Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kigali, last week.

Ingabire said that Rwanda being a developing nation, a strong internet is highly needed to serve the population.

  “Due to COVID-19, we clearly saw that we need a strong internet in our daily life. We tried to cope with this pandemic’s consequences using the internet,” she said.

”Everyone deserves to access an opportunity that comes with the digital world, and it’s our duty to ensure that connectivity becomes universal, affordable, and accessible.”

Grace Ingabire, the CEO of Rwanda Internet Community and Technology Alliance (RICTA) said that while Rwanda is about to attend the IGF meeting in Ethiopia, they are preparing to share with the world Rwanda’s progress  in solving problems that are linked to internet connectivity.

“Rwanda will participate in the IGF meeting which will take place in Ethiopia. We shall present where we are in solving internet problems. We are trying our best so that every Rwanda can have access to the internet, to help them change their daily life, since we all know that internet comes with many advantages and comfort in people’s lives,” she said.

Victor Muvunyi the Emerging Technologies Senior Technologist at the Ministry of ICT and Innovation said that the government started a new program of investing in internet services to improve citizens’ productivity.

“It is the government program to increase the capacity, especially to those who give internet services. To allow internet service givers to compete in public bidding, having many companies that provide internet, reducing internet prices and having strong internet,” he explained.

Colonel David Kanamugire the Chief Executive Officer at National Cyber Security Authority while delivering his presentation on Artificial Intelligence and Big data recommended getting the most out of fast-tracking Artificial Intelligence technology.

He emphasized the need to build necessary skills to meaningfully exploit this technology and creation of laws that help people own their data.

The 10th IGF meeting brought together people from the public sector, private sector, students, and other concerned organs. They discussed problems that are still being experienced in internet usage.

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