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KIYOVU SC To Play One Game Behind Closed Doors Over Fans Insults to Referee Salima

by Amon Nuwamanya
11:47 am

Mukansanga in action.

The appeals from the local football association’s disciplinary body has ordered Kiyovu Sports football club to play one home game behind closed doors as punishment.

The punishment comes as a response of ugly insults and harassment scenes made by the club’s fans to the international center referee Mukansanga Salma .

 The scenes took place during and after the 16th game between Kiyovu Sports and Gasogi United at Bugesera Stadium on 20th January 2023.

According to the Rwanda football association’s Ethical Commission, The letter alleging that Kiyovu Sports has committed a crime of insulting and harassing.

The point that Ferwafa relied on was the report of the Security Commissioner on the game, which showed that there was no problem at the game in general but there was some group of Kiyovu Sports fans in the stadium who continued insulting and harassing the center referee known as Mukansanga Salima.

The Commission made a decision based on Article 21 related to the responsibility in its section of the Code of Conduct.

“Ferwafa, associations and clubs are responsible for the conduct of players, officials, members, fans, and anyone else assigned by the association to work on the game,” it says.

“The Ethical Commission of Ferwafa has ordered the Kiyovu Sports team to play the one match they will host, behind closed doors immediately after being notified of this decision.”

Kiyovu sports will host Marine FC on day 20th at Muhanga stadium and that’s where their punishment will be enforced.