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Ibuka Seeks Investigation In An Alleged Case of Genocide Ideology

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:09 am

Nyamagabe district where Kamegeri sector belongs

The umbrella association for Genocide survivor organizations in Rwanda (Ibuka) has called for a thorough investigation in a case of genocide survivor who was reportedly threatened by unknown persons.

Frida Nyirampara, a resident of Nyarusiza cell, and head of Ibuka in Kamegeri sector, Nyamagabe district woke up on March 3rd 2023 to find the dead dog’s body placed at the entrance of her house, an act is done for the second time.

Reliable sources said that the first time a similar act happened was in 2009 when unknown persons killed a cat and cut off its neck and placed it in her cattle kraal.

According to IBUKA, this 2009 case was investigated back then and no results were seen in terms of arresting suspects as residents didn’t speak out or give any investigation leads.

The Executive Secretary of Ibuka, Naphtali Ahishakiye lamented the fact that residents of Nyamagabe district have not been cooperative in providing information on genocide and case of genocide ideology happening in the area.

“There is a strong sense of concealing information among Nyamagabe residents ,” Ahishakiye said.

IBUKA Rwanda Chairperson, Dr. Philibert Gakwenzire said that the March 3rd 2023 incident has been discussed among the association members and local leaders in Nyamagabe.

Gakwenzire however stated that such an incident is regrettable to surface in Rwandan society despite visible progress made towards unity and reconciliation almost 30 years after the 1994 genocide against Tutsi.

“This is a disturbing incident for us as IBUKA but also even for the Rwandan society because no one in this country should be subjected to insecurity,” Gakwenzire said in a voice message to KTPress.

Ibuka stated that this is a sadist act that comes ahead of the forthcoming 29th Genocide Commemoration month but also after the just concluded 2023 National Dialogue Council showed that there was significant progress in fighting genocide ideology.

According to the Ministry of National Unity and Civic Engagement survey done in 2020, 94.7% of Rwandans believe that unity has been achieved and see it as a responsibility and voluntary commitment they take on.

The survey was based on eight (8) National Programs that have a rate of over 93% that make Rwandans appreciate the progress of unity and reconciliation.

Despite this progress and reduction in genocide ideology prevalence over the last five years (2018–2022) decreased by 17.5%, the survey showed that genocide ideology is more prevalent during the period of commemoration and especially prevailing among the youth.

For instance, as of the 2021 genocide commemoration, 57 out of 184 youth (30.9%) were prosecuted for Genocide ideology and during the commemoration of 2022, 44 out of 179 youth (24.5%) were prosecuted.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) Spokesman, Dr. Thierry Murangira said that they are gathering information and the case is currently under investigation but the bureau cannot divulge more information at this stage.

To address existing genocide ideology traits, MINUBUMWE has set eyes on strengthening spaces and continuing discussions of “Ndi Umunyarwanda” (I Am Rwandan), reviewing the Itorero program at the village level and including it in the annual planning at all levels.

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