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BK Rewards Clients Who Remained Loyal for 30 Years and More

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:25 pm

The Bank of Kigali last night organised an event of gratitude to its esteemed clients who remained loyal with the bank for thirty years and above.

It is now thirty years since the liberation of Rwanda, which is a benchmark in several aspects of the country’s life, including financial life.

Some clients joined BK  way before the Genocide tragedy while others joined in the direct aftermath of the Genocide and are here to stay.

The clients from either category who allowed BK to “financially transform their lives” and walked a successful development path together were paid tribute.   “This exclusive event is a tribute to our customers whose loyalty has flourished alongside us for over three decades. It is also an opportunity to honor the journey and celebrate the enduring partnerships that have stood the test of time,” said the Bank official.

At this occasion, BK CEO Dr. Diane Karusisi expressed the bank’s gratitude towards these clients who  grew with the bank that has now become Rwanda’s leader among financial institutions.

“We are coming together to celebrate with the clients who grew with us over the last thirty years as we look forward to another three decades of development,” Dr. Karusisi said at the gala dinner.

“It fills me with joy to see each of you here, a true sign of your dedication and loyalty. Tonight is all about expressing our heartfelt ‘THANK YOU.”

The CEO expressed the bank’s commitment to relentlessly serve its clients and see them reach greater heights.

During this event, the bank introduced BK Ingenzi Club, an exclusive club for the loyal clientele who have been with the bank for that long. Among the benefits for members of this club include; access to BK Private Banking, unsecured loans of up to 50 million, and the prestigious BK Platinum Card.

Meanwhile, some clients walked away with awards for several achievements during their journey with the bank.

The award in the category that was code named Aguka went to Sina Gerald of Urwibutso Enterprise while the category of Gwiza went to Classic Hotel.

The award in the category of Mugabekazi went to Anne Marie Kantengwa and Hotel Chez Lando.

Diana Fossey Gorilla Fund International walked away with Ubuntu Legacy award while Sulfo Rwanda Ltd took home Umurage award.

Akaramata which can loosely be translated as ‘for ever together’ was awarded to a client called Charles Karara who has been with BK for fifty years now.

Expressing his gratitude to the bank, Theobald Mporanyi, the client who has been with BK for three decades now said that the bank accompanied him through the development journey as a client who was relying on a meager monthly salary.

“BK was always there for me. My first loan with BK was a salary advance to purchase a plot. Later on, I returned for another loan to finance construction of my house,” he said.

“I bought several cars courtesy of Bank of Kigali.”

Mporanyi can recall that over the last thirty years, he applied for Rwf 100 million from BK and he repaid the loan successfully.

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