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We Are Ready – APR Basketball Hours Before Opening Game Against US Monastir

by Annet Mugabo
12:38 am

APR after training in Dakar-Senegal

Rwanda’s representatives, APR Basketball Club will today kick off their campaign with a challenging game against US Monastir, the first champions of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) since the tournament’s inception in 2020.

 Mazen Trakh, the American coach of APR Basketball Club, said: “My team is well-prepared, and we’re ready to play and show our capabilities. Our aim is to win our games and return to Rwanda for the playoffs. I know US Monastir is a tough opponent, but we’re ready for the tournament, and all players are performing well.”

APR Basketball Club knows that qualifying for the playoffs due later this month in Rwanda won’t be easy, but they are determined to fight for it.

To strengthen the team, APR Basketball Club added Mohamed Camara, an “Elevate” player from the NBA Academy in Senegal. The NBA’s “Elevate” program assigns a player from the NBA Africa Academy in Saly, Senegal, to each team competing in the BAL, providing young talents with exposure and helping them develop their competitive skills.

 The Secretary General of APR Basketball Club stated that the team is ready for the tournament and said: “Everyone is prepared and willing to give their level best to ensure we win our games. Our goal is to qualify for the finals due from May 24 to June 1 in Kigali.” 

The Sahara Conference league is the last tournament before the BAL 2024 playoffs. APR Basketball Club is in the same  group with AS Douanes from Senegal, who will play in front of their home fans, Rivers Hoopers from Nigeria, and US Monastir from Tunisia.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Senegal, Jean Pierre Karabaranga, visited APR Basketball Club last tonight and said, “APR Basketball Club has our support. I reminded the players that they need to win all their games to make Rwandans proud and secure a spot in the playoffs, which is crucial for all of us.” 

This is APR Basketball Club’s first time competing in the BAL. The opening game of the Sahara Conference will take place at Dakar Arena, where US Monastir will face APR Basketball Club at 2:30 PM local time. This will be the first time these teams face each other, making the game especially exciting for either side. 

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