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Prime Minister Ngirente Receives the Oath of New Prosecutors

by Daniel Sabiiti
10:09 pm

Prime Minister with Minister of Justice, prosecutor general and newly sworn in prosecutors

The Prime Minister, Édouard Ngirente has received the oath of four newly appointed prosecutors who were tasked to serve justice and not abuse their position of power.

Prosecutor at National Level Bideri Diogene

The swearing-in ceremony of the prosecutors at national, intermediate and primary levels was held today Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at the Office of the Prime Minister in Kimihurura.

The four prosecutors are Dr. Bideri Diogene Prosecutor at National Level, Melene Mukamazera Prosecutor at Intermediate Level, Caritas Kayitesi and Ezechiel Mupenzi Birori both Prosecutor at Primary Level.

PM Ngirente told them to uphold key values that identify a prosecutor as underlined in their oath to assume office.

The oath of office states that one swears to diligently fulfill the responsibilities entrusted to them, remain loyal to the Republic of Rwanda, observe the constitution and the other laws,  and to work for the consolidation of national unity.

Prosecutor Ezechiel Mupenzi Birori

It further engage the prosecutors to conscientiously fulfill their duties of representing the Rwandan people without any discrimination whatsoever; never use the powers conferred to them for personal ends and to promote respect for the freedoms and fundamental rights of the human being and safeguard the interests of the Rwandan people.

“If you uphold these values stipulated in the oath that you have taken as prosecutors, you will be good prosecutors at the national and primary levels,” Ngirente said after accepting the oaths of the new prosecutors.

Ngirente said that these are values that all prosecutors should uphold and implement in order for Rwanda to have a proper and functional justice system.

Prosecutor Melene Mukamazera

“Sometimes we encounter issues of some prosecutors, not all, who are caught up in corruption, which results in poorly judging or prosecuting cases or taking sides; but this is not what we expect from you. We expect that you do better,” Ngirente added.

Rwanda’s Prosecutor General, Aimable Havugiyaremye said that the authority has taken measures to follow up on cases of corruption and called on Rwandans to report such instances so that the judiciary officials involved are also prosecuted.

“Corruption is still a concern and we have to prosecute whoever is implicated in an investigation and found guilty. Residents have a big role in providing this information and we guarantee their security,” Havugiyaremye said.

Prosecutor Caritas Kayitesi

National Prosecutor, Dr. Bideri Diogene said that the PM’s call was a reminder of the need for prosecutors to take their responsibilities seriously and this will be a guiding principle as he assumes office.

Prosecutor Caritas Kayitesi said that assuming the new office is a sign that women in Rwanda have equal opportunity in leadership.

“This is proof that the government recognizes women in leadership roles in every sector. We are happy as women and committed to contributing to the country’s justice system,” Kayitesi said.

Currently, Rwanda’s National Public Prosecution Authority – (NPPA) has 90 prosecutors (Senior Managers, National Prosecutors, Chief Prosecutors, Prosecutors at Intermediate; primary levels, and their assistants)- of which 53 are women (59%).

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