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Welcome to Nyaruguru- RDB To Investors

by Jean Felix Muhire
10:52 pm

Kibeho Sanctuary

Nyaruguru District officials in partnership with Rwanda Development Board (RDB), on July 14 met with investors to discuss available opportunities which they can tap into.

During a presentation, the investors were first of all told that Nyaruguru is no longer a landlocked place; it is rather a place where transport is easy, following a new tarmac road which connects them to Huye.

Kibeho was presented as an important opportunity thanks to thousands of pilgrims who flock to the area especially on Assumption, August 15 and November 28 which corresponds with the apparitions’ anniversary.

RDB estimates that every day, an estimate 2000 visitors, half of which foreigners visit Kibeho.

“I tried to count and found that among the thousands of Kibeho visitors, if each of them ate one donut worth Rwf 100, the investor would earn Rwf 100 million. It’s just a simple example but much more can be done,” said Telesphore Ngoga in charge of preservation of ecosystem at RDB.

He went on to say that those who come to Kibeho also need beverages, so whoever decides to bring something like soft drinks would easily raise Rwf 500 Million.

He concluded by saying, “For a couple of little things, one would tremendously earn big money,” he said.

The fact that Nyaruguru borders Nyungwe National Park was also presented as a good torurism investment opportunity, according to Ariela Kageruka, Head of tourism development and Conservation of the Virunga National Park.

“There is a species of monkey that can only be seen in Nyungwe side. An investor would show tourists what Nyaruguru offers in particular,” she said.

Ikibuye cya Shari

Nyaruguru has historical places that can attract tourists such as Stone of Shari in Ngera sector.

To this list, the Mayor of Nyaruguru District Dr. Emmanuel Murwanashyaka added agriculture opportunities, including tea and coffee.

“We are soon having the fourth tea factory. In the case of potato farming, we need more investors to tap into improved seeds because farmers need much more,” he said.

“We need 16,000 tons per year for our 9,000 hectares. Seed multipliers are able to provide for 350 hectares, only.”

In Nyaruguru, he said, there are also many rivers that could be used to generate electricity.

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