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Chasing Hawkers Not An Option, We’ve A Plan for Them – Kigali City Mayor

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:18 am

Street vendors in Kigali

The city of Kigali has said that they have conducted training among the security agents, including District Security Officers(DASSO) and patrol agents where they were given instructions that they should desist from running after hawkers.

During a press conference at Kigali city, September 21, city officials said that one of the things they intend to reinforce, is to find formal markets where they can enroll.

“We don’t want anyone to run after, say a woman who holds a child who may fall down in the process. The point is rather to see a way that the woman would be supported to go to a safer place where she can earn a living,” City Mayor Pudence Rubingisa said during a press conference, September 21.

The city officials said they are doing their level best to make sure that street vendors are assisted to do decent and peaceful business.

“Indeed we have a long plan to help hawkers. Some of the efforts that we started a couple of years ago, is to include them in formal markets where we give them a capital, then plots in a formal market that we build. At the end of a certain time, we expect them to graduate and start paying for the space, but at first we accompany them,” said Martine Umukunzi, the Vice mayor for the city of Kigali.

According to City Mayor Pudence Rubingisa, being integrated into the markets also include the street vendors who are commonly seen retailing leather shoes, whom the city dwellers refer to as Masai.

“We will also want to have them in the market. The program does not make any exception. Every hawker can benefit,” Rubingisa said.

“Any breach of the law would cause them punishment as it applies for other people,” the mayor further said reflecting on the misconception of the general public that the Masai are untouchable. They allege that these vendors have superstition powers.

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