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APR BBC In Dakar for ‘Sahara Conference’

by Annet Mugabo
5:38 pm

 With 12 players, APR Basketball Club which is gearing up for its debut in the Sahara Conference of the 2024 Basketball Africa League (BAL) has arrived in Dakar, Senegal, ahead of the tournament due to start this week.

In preparation for the challenging tournament running from May 4-12, the club has bolstered its lineup by recruiting two NBA G-League players.

Mazen Trakh is a seasoned coach with experience including time with the Detroit Pistons, succeeding Kenyan Coach Cliff Owuor.

Expressing confidence in the team’s readiness, he emphasized their extensive preparations, including friendly matches against high-caliber opponents, as crucial for their tournament readiness. 

 “I think we are very prepared. We have played friendly games against really good teams and I think that is very important for us,” the head coach said.

APR Basketball Club’s roster reflects a blend of talent and experience, comprising players with prior BAL experience alongside newcomers. 

The Sahara Conference, slated for May 4 to May 12 in Dakar, Senegal, will put APR against formidable adversaries such as US Monastir (Tunisia), Rivers Hoopers (Nigeria), and AS Douanes (Senegal).

With aspirations of securing a playoff berth, APR is determined to make a notable impact in its inaugural BAL campaign.

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