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KFH Responds to Medical Negligence Accusations at Rwanda Day 2024

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:30 pm

Nadine Twajamahoro (right) carried her child at Rwanda Day 2024 held in Washington D.C

King Faisal Hospital Rwanda (KFHR) has said that an inquiry is being conducted into the case of a mother who alleged that her child suffered brain damage at birth.

The response comes following an issue raised at the Rwanda Day 2024 event held in Washington DC, where a Rwandan mother of two, who lives in the USA, said that her second born child suffered permanent disabilities due to doctor’s negligence five years ago.

Nadine Twajamahoro, who carried her said child on her chest, told participants at Rwanda Day that the doctors at the hospital delayed to respond to conduct a caesarian section which resulted into giving birth to a child whose brains were damaged.

“This case is known to King Faisal hospital and one of the doctors told me that the child will not live for more than a month but God has protected the child – who is now close to five years old,” Twajamahoro said.

Though her child cannot walk, talk or see, the mother said that she managed to relocate to the U.S where her child is being treated at Children’s National Hospital- Washington DC.

Twajamahoro said that she filed a court case in the Gasabo court but the case never matured to trial even when she claims that she had the evidence to prove the damage caused.

At the moment Twajamahoro said she needs to know the truth of what happened but has moved on to establish an initiative to support children (back in Gicumbi district in Rwanda) who have similar issues.

Dr. Augustin Sendegeya, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at KFH Rwanda says the hospital takes the concerns seriously.

Dr. Augustin Sendegeya, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at KFH Rwanda said that this information cannot be taken lightly.

“In any case, when such news is made public, we have to analyze to find out. There is something that we are doing. I cannot divulge the details but it will come to a time when people have to know. We cannot simply ignore such a case; you have to follow up to know the truth of the matter” Sendegeya said.

Sendegeya said such a case is being followed up by all concerned authorities- who include the medical council and noted that cases of medical negligence are taken serious and so many medics have been held accountable in the past.

Sendegeya was speaking at a KFH press briefing this February 9, 2024 where the hospital highlighted its plans to improve services delivered to patients whose numbers are growing with an increase of specialized healthcare and facilities.

One of the current measures, KFH said, is to increase training and hire more medical specialists (national and foreign) on a permanent basis.

Dr. Sendegeya also revealed that KFH plans to introduce an outsourced digital payment system which will allow patients to pay and get updates of their medical bills on the phone.

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