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Tour du Rwanda: The Beauty Along The Stages

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:38 pm

Rwanda Ethnographic Museum

Tour du Rwanda, the continental race rated 2.1 on the UCI Africa Tour today headed to the Southern part of Rwanda.

In its second stage, the race which brought together 94 riders from 19 teams, Tour du Rwanda covered the 130km distance of Muhanga-Kibeho.

It is a route with numerous country wonders from Rwanda’s satellite city to the holy land of Kibeho-Nyaruguru district. Kibeho is the place where the Catholic Church confirmed authenticity of the apparitions by Virgin Mary to three high school girls, early 1980.

From Muhanga, the mining city, the kick of was around the small Basillica of Kabgayi in the heart of truly catholic city, if prominence of activities is considered.

The hospital of the area belongs to the Roman Catholics, the biggest church is Roman catholic and so are the biggest high schools and universities-including catholic university of Kabgayi and Philosophicum, the major seminary.

The first ever printing house-imprimerie de Kabgayi is also hosted in this city which keeps expanding with a sound industrial economic Zone under construction.

Muhanga, which is allegedly the most central point of Rwanda is a city to watch; it will host one of biggest football stadiums of Rwanda, courtesy of a partnership between government of Rwanda and Confederation of African Football(CAF).

The 40,000-seater Muhanga stadium is only second after  Amahoro stadium which is being upgraded to 45,000 sitting capacity from the current 25,000 capacity.

The next big thing in Muhanga is also a-5 star hotel to be constructed in Shyogwe Sector.

Tour du Rwanda meandered in the middle of farmlands before reaching the next city of Ruhango, another place popularly known for attracting pilgrimages.

Every  first week of the month, crowds of people gather at Ruhango parish for the healing service at the Misercodia Jesus-Yezu Nyirimpuhwe.

However, Ruhango is famous in Rwanda’s culinary art for its best cassava paste-ubugari bwa Gitarama.

That’s before reaching Nyanza, which hosts the King Palace museum-It was the home of Rwanda’s second last King who left a mark among Rwanda’s monarchs, Mutara III Rudahigwa. He reigned for nearly 30 years and was briefly replaced by his brother Kigeli V Ndabarasa.

Nyanza is currently the headquarter of Southern Province, and, a famous pastoral zone with plenty of milk.

The King palace museum

The agro pastoral area was mostly reinforced by Nyanza dairy which was an idea of King Mutara back in the years.

It’s a good idea to have a farm in this area; veterinary medicine and animal nutrition is developed and followed up by researchers from the Rwanda Agricultural and Animal Resources Development Board(RAB) from the famous stations of Songa and Rubona.

Inyambo cows famous in parading at king’s events

Past Rubona, riders reach the Rwanda Ethnographic museum located in Huye District. Huye, former Astrida and then Butare, has everything about Rwanda’s history; from Rwanda’s oldest hotel Faucon to the Huye Cathedral, and from the National University of Rwanda to the home of latest queen of Rwanda-Rosalie Gicanda.

It is another catholic city with numerous religious congregations and catholic high schools and universities.

Rwanda Ethnographic museum

From Huye, riders proceed to Akanyaru via University of Rwanda which is a  Dominican fathers’ givft and then ply Nyaruguru’s new road before calling it a day at Kibeho.

In Kibeho, the riders will probably visit the holy land for the blessed water.

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