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Eight Year Old Ella Isimbi Wins National Writing Competition On Tourism And Environment

by KT Press Reporter
12:13 pm

 Ella Isimbi Rwalinda has emerged winner of a national writing competition for lower primary category organized by the Kigali English Library at the age of 8.

The competition was organized under the theme, “Tourism and Environmental Protection”

Rwalinda, a Primary three pupil at Groupe Scolaire APACOPE, won in the English Category and was rewarded for her efforts by the Director General of Rwanda Education Board Dr Nelson Mbarushimana.

She was rewarded alongside Louis Mpuhwe Mpano, a Primary Four colleague from the same institution who emerged second in French for upper primary category.

The winners were rewarded with various presents including sport bikes, tablets and an assortment of other scholastic materials.

Mbarushimana congratulated the winners upon their excellence.

As students, you have a personal role to improve your education standards. Participating in such innovative competitions is one way to achieve this,” he said.

Mbarushimana also implored parents to support their children as they have the biggest responsibility in creating a bright future for their children and the future generation at large.

During the award ceremony, Rugwizangoga Michaella, The Tourism Chief Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) noted that as a major economic activity, tourism should be nurtured beginning with the young generation.

Tourism is one of the country’s major economic activities and young people like you are best placed to keep it moving,” she said.

Rwalinda’s father, Elisee Nshimyumuremyi, could not hide his excitement upon receiving the news of her daughter as the winner.

We have tried our best to offer good education for our daughter and GS APACOPE has been at the forefront of this. With this achievement, the sky is surely the limit” an ecstatic Nshimyumeremyi said.

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