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Diplomat Designs Path to Connect Rwanda Producers To Pakistan Markets

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:17 pm

High Commissioner of Pakistan to Rwanda Naeem Ullah Khan

The High Commissioner of Pakistan to Rwanda Naeem Ullah Khan has started implementing strategies that will allow his agenda in the host country to materialise.

Upon presenting his credentials to President Paul Kagame in August 2023, Khan told the media: We want to connect Rwanda tea exports directly to the Pakistan market. My country imports 70% of the Rwanda tea, we have a huge market for tea but it goes through other channels, but we want to make it more direct for Pakistan traders to access the tea. We also want to expand our cooperation in other areas like the health sector, we have to learn from Rwanda.”

To implement this agenda, since nearly three months, the High Commissioner started training the youth from local universities to equip them with marketing skills.

We are bridging the links between the two countries and we are preparing new leaders who understand both countries and can connect them,” he said recently.

Pakistan diplomats with Rwandan students and investors

In this context, the high commission of Pakistan trained nearly 65 university students in two phases, with a-10 day in house training and then some three weeks work on a marketing project, after which they are given certificates.

You are well aware that in this country, it is important to get experience to qualify for a job shortlisting. For us, we are giving them experience certificates so that they go to the job market with confidence,” High Commissioner Khan said.

The high commissioner said that there are already projects in the pipeline. With 500 Pakistanis in Rwanda, most of whom in hospitality business, car dealership and apparel industry among other businesses, the trainees have already started connections, not only for their own jobs, but also to connect other businesses to the market.

Already taking shape, is the work of the trainees in the marketing of Rwanda coffee and tea.

The High Commissioner said, that there is a high demand of Rwanda’s popular coffee and tea among his country of 250 million.

All of these people drink tea and most of them like coffee and we import them from many countries. Why not from Rwanda?”

The High commissioner said that Rwanda tea reaches his country via Mombasa auction, but he wants it to go directly to Pakistan.

High Commissioner of Pakistan to Rwanda inspires Rwandan students

Why should we go through other countries to import Rwanda’s coffee and tea instead of getting them from here?” he asked and then advised: “Rwandans and Pakistanis should come together. Exporters from here can take tea, coffee, pulses, avocados and other products to Pakistan, and the same containers can return to Rwanda with rice, textile, garments, surgical instruments, sport wears and other things Rwanda needs.”

The high commissioner said, that there is good news, that there is complementarity in business because Rwanda is producing what Pakistan needs and vice versa.

What we have, you need it and what you have, we need it, too,he said.

Habineza Dominique, a coffee exporter from Rubavu who was connected to the High Commission by the youth in this training said that the initiative to bring on board the youth to market Rwanda’s products is a good move.

Pakistan consumes a lot of coffee and tea. If we work together as farmers, we can get huge profit at their huge market,” Habineza said.

Habineza Dominique(2nd Left)

The high commissioner promised to bring us Pakistanis exporters so that we see what they exactly need.”

Habineza said, that coffee and tea are victim of price fluctuation which discourages farmers and exporters alike.

But if we have Pakistan which has high demand, we shall secure good deals,” he said.

If they can come here, we can easily review the prices downwards because we shall do without brokers.”

Izadukiza Eliazar, a farmer who has been in the tea production for the last ten years said, that connection with Pakistanis market is a good opportunity.

“The 250 million people who only drink tea, is a huge market opportunity for us,” he said.

Mugisha Cyili Angelo, is the alumni who managed to interest investors from Rwanda to work with the Pakistanis investors, among which, Habineza.

The High Commissioner(Middle) with investors inspiring the trainees last month

He said:” From Pakistan High commission, we acquired good skills here.”

Among those skills, he said, we learned how to do trade locally and beyond the borders, how to meet the investors and raise their interest on our products.

They were further trained on using social media platforms and websites to attract investors.

We have learned to discover our potentials. We are going to do marketing and bridge the gaps in technology and agriculture input,” Cyili said.

Karangwa Queen, a student from University of Tourism and Business(UTB) said that the training came at the right time.

This initiative found me when I was starting a company of tourism targeting women’s development. I learned how to speak in public to promote my initiatives. I understood that the most important capital in life is a good idea,” she said.

According to High Commissioner Khan, this month, a big delegation of Pakistani investors will come to Rwanda to explore business opportunities.

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