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Rwanda Launches US$ 22m Continental Medical College

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:50 pm

Rwanda has established a US$ 22 million medicine college, expected to produce more general medical practitioners.

The college, funded by the Adventist Church, and part of the University of Central Africa, is an additional facility to the country’s effort to improve its health system.

Ted Wilson, Global President of the Adventist Church, said that Rwanda is a strategic country with a good policy towards promotion of education.

Wilson, who was in Rwanda’s capital Kigali on February 11, laid the foundation stone for construction of the college that is expected to have a modern and well equipment laboratory, two hostels, and a cafeteria.

Abel Ngabo Sebahashyi, the Rector of the University, says the first intake, scheduled for September next year, will accommodate 45 students.

Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi, the Minister of State in Charge of Public Health and Primary Health Care told KT Press the college will help decrease the damand for medical practitioners in Rwanda.

According to Rwanda Health Indicators, one doctor serves 15428 inhabitants, while one nurse serves 1200 inhabitants.

Dr. Blasious M.Ruguri, President of East-Central Africa Division, said the church signed a memorandum of understanding with Rwanda to use one of the country’s modern hospitals located in the Northern Province for its student’s practicals.

Meanwhile, Wilson also inaugurated another state-of-the-art three-story campus hosting a Science and Technology Center in Kigali City.

The center is equipped with the latest technology such as the interactive board, with high speed internet connection, which is new in the country, says Peter Niyodusenga, the IT administrator of the university.

The US$2.4m center will host 6000 students under day and evening programs. Information Management and Network and Communication Systems are the major courses offered.

The center will also accommodate theology, education and business faculties and other science courses. The 30 year old university has produced over 400 graduates since 2010.