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Tony Blair Woos Investors into Corruption-free Rwanda

by Dan Ngabonziza
12:29 pm

Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister, says Rwanda is currently attracting lucrative investment deals due to its stance on corruption.

Blair made similar remarks at an investment forum in South Africa on Tuesday that those seeking to make money should consider three African countries first.

“Rwanda, Ethiopia and Mozambique are examples of better governance and where economic and investment opportunities are very clear,” said Blair.

But Blair pinpointed on Rwanda and said, “Rwanda is a well-run country.”

The former UK Premier is in Rwanda where he visited a mega American-Israeli US$23.7m solar plant expected to light over 15000 homes in eastern part of the country.

The off-grid solar plant, the third largest solar field on the continent, produces 8.5 Mega Watts, contributing 6% to the country’s total energy consumption.

Blair said such a deal is indication Rwanda has the ability to negotiate the best investment deals.

He told KTPress, that “People know when they are coming to Rwanda; they can invest with no corruption…which is very important for investors and countries.”

Blair, a close friend to Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, with his Africa Governance Initiative, provides Rwanda’s institutions, including Presidency, Prime Minister’s office, and others, with expertise on setting up structures and systems of effective government.

“We have been also building the capacity in the government on how to negotiate big contracts,” he said.