President Kagame hits a million twitter followers

President Paul Kagame, the “Digital President”, as described by the International Telecommunication Union, is trending.

His popularity ratings continue to grow day by day. Now the tweep president has more than a million twitter followers, as of Monday June 8, 2015.

The tech-savvy president follows just 55, among them are global figures, such as the Gates, the Clintons, Tony Blair, and interestingly, his children, Ivan Kagame and Ange Kagame.

He has tweeted 2,440 times since May 2009, when he opened the account.

Kagame is indeed an ardent tweep, compared to other regional presidents and has become the first African presidrnt to hit the one million mark.

President Kagame hits a million twitter followers

Tanzania’s Jakaya Kikwete has 276,000 followers while President Yoweli Museveni totals 118,000 followers.

Close to President Kagame is Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta with now 892,000. Far away, the South African President Jacob Zuma has got 381,000 followers.

Kagame’s tweets tend to sweep the public off the ground.

He comments on all subjects. On Feb 9, he surprised the public, and congratulated Ivory Coast’s soccer national Les Eléphants “for winning the AFCON2015 trophy and to all teams for a good show.”

Kagame poses for a Selfie with a fan.
Kagame poses for a Selfie with a fan.


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