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Mauritius Universities Hungry For Rwandan Market

by Kalinda Brenda
9:26 am
An impressive building at university of Central Lancashire

An impressive building at university of Central Lancashire

The Rwandan market has traditionally been a turf for Kenyan Universities, the likes of Mont Kenya and Kenyatta University, but that will be no more.

Over a dozen top Mauritian universities will be in Rwanda next week to tap into the rapidly growing market.

With the help of the Mauritius Board of Investment (BIO) and the British High Commission, 12 universities will be showcasing what they offer Rwandan students.

An exhibition is scheduled to take place at Lemigo Hotel on September 7, 2016 where prospective students will have a unique opportunity to meet with representatives from the universities and get further details.

Among the universities include University of Mauritius, the National University; the oldest and largest university in the country with over 15,227 students.

The Open University of Mauritius, a new established University that offers distance education, whose first graduation ceremony was held on July 8, 2015, will also be present.

The African Leadership College, the University of Technology of Mauritius, Atlantis Business School, Rushmore Business School, Middlesex University, BPP University, Leeds Beckett University, Aberystwyth will be represented as well.

The Glasgow Caledonian University, a public university in Glasgow, Scotland, which was a merger of The Queen’s College, Glasgow and Glasgow Polytechnic with a campus in Mauritius, is also going to be present.

The University of Central Lancashire and BSP School of Accountancy and Management will be there too.

Later, the delegates will conduct field visits to different high schools to pitch students. A gala dinner will be organized on September 8, 2016 for government officials, recruitment agencies and education institutions representatives to meet and interact.

All the major high schools in Kigali, such as Green Hills, Lyce de Kigali, Riviera High School, Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux , and others have been contacted.

The delegation will be led by Mrs. Helene Ah-Pong, Prosperity Officer from the British High Commission in Mauritius and Trishilla Benydin-Koolwont, a Manager from Innovation, Technology and Services Department at the Mauritius Board of Investment.

On average, school fees for college can range from 20,000 Mauritian Rupees (Rwf455.000) per year to 180.000 Mauritian Rupees (Rwf4m) for a complete professional course, slightly the same as those charged by Rwandan universities.

Lifestyle on the Island is generally conducive. Situated in the ‘golden triangle’ connecting Asia, Africa and Australia, Mauritius is the converging point of global civilizations; a place where one can feel the cosmopolitan pulse of the world.

Mauritius is regarded as the “most competitive economy” in sub-Saharan Africa for its economic policies on growth, employment and a strong social welfare system; initiatives that have contributed to helping Mauritius become an upper-middle-income country.

The recent World Bank Doing Business Report ranks Mauritius the highest Sub-Saharan reformed country to do business followed by Rwanda.

Latest Technology at Central Lancashire University

Latest Technology at Central Lancachire University

University of Technology of Mauritius

University of Technology of Mauritius

For more details about the Mauritius Higher Education Fair follow this link https://www.ktpress.rw/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Kigali-Today-2.pdf