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No Public Toilet at Kacyiru Bus Terminal

by Dan Ngabonziza
2:52 pm

Kacyiru bus terminal

It might be by design or technical omission that there is no single public toilet at Kacyiru bus terminal moreover located meters away from ministerial offices.

More than 1000 passengers and dozens of buses use this terminal every day, according to managers of the facility.

“I always use a motor-taxi to get to a nearest toilet. The lack of public toilet is very serious issue here yet this place is used by many people,” Eugénie Uwimana told KT Press.

Business owners operating at buildings surrounding the bus terminal are concerned about the deteriorating sanitary conditions which are gradually pushing away clients.

Claudine Munezero operates a restaurant a few meters away from the bus terminal. She told KT Press that she has faced an influx of passengers colliding with her clients over restrooms.

“Some even have to stand and wait for others using the restrooms. I am left with no option other than allowing them (passengers) to disturb my clients’ privacy,” said Munezero.

Jérémie Niyoyita, the Bus terminal manager said, “I personally use the restaurant toilets. I have no idea which other option passengers and drivers use.”

However, Niyonita says that he has written to Kacyiru sector authorities to deal with the problem of lack of public toilets at the bus terminal.

Félix Kayihura-Executive Secretary of Kacyiru sector said the issue has been forwarded to city authorities and promised to solve it with immediate effect.

Most bus terminals around Kigali City are managed by Rwanda Federation of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC).