Uganda Puts Kagame’s High School Bed on Display

The Bed on which President Paul Kagame slept while studying at Ntare School
The Bed on which President Paul Kagame slept while studying at Ntare School

A bed on which President Paul Kagame slept at a high school in Western Uganda has been put on display as Uganda prepares to celebrate the annual World Tourism Day 2016 due September 27.

Events to mark the day are being organized in Mbarara district where Ntare School – residential all-boys’ secondary school and one of the most respected education institutions in Uganda, is located. As part of the festivities, tourism officials have put on display the bed of President Kagame and that of his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni.

Visitors will have chance to see the beds on which the future leaders slept – at a time there was no single indication they would emerge in their current status. Kagame attended Ntare School – as it’s simply known, between 1972-76.

The future president stayed in Room 1 of Stanley House – now renamed Pioneer House.

Uganda tourism officials hope the bed and other national products on offer will boost the country’s tourism potential as government fights to keep Uganda’s place in the hotly competitive market. The five members of the East African community have put up a single tourist visa for foreign visitors – so each is selling itself as much as it can.

There is a message on the wall next to the Kagame’s bed and it makes quite a reading. “Generally quiet and very reserved,” it says of President Kagame.

“Was very often in many sports particularly basketball and cricket,” it adds.

A project is underway in Rwanda to have a Ntare School in the country. Up to a billion francs ($1.3million) has been raised for the project – from a fundraising that started in March this year.

Ugandan leader Museveni donated $200,000.

President Kagame's bed, a note and Photo on the wall
President Kagame’s bed, a note and Photo on the wall

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