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Rwanda’s Pump Prices Increase by Rwf 122/litre

7:44 pm

Cub driver at fuel station

Rwanda has increased fuel pump prices bowing down to the continued pressure mounted by increase on global market.

Petrol prices have been the most affected- increasing by Rwf 122 while diesel increased by Rwf 54.

A communiqué from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has announced that pump price for petrol will be Rwf948 per litre and diesel at Rwf914 per litre effective this Wednesday November 3, 2016.

In May this year, the Ministry of Trade and Industry- which previously had petroleum products under its docket, increased fuel prices from Rwf826 to Rwf 860 on petrol and diesel respectively due to international oil prices which increased by 35% between January and May 2016.

Even with this increase, no citizen will be obliged to pay an extra cost.

“This increment will not affect the public transport fares,” RURA said today.

In January this year, Rwanda announced that it would not cut the fuel prices despite global prices falling in the previous year.

Compared to the global fuel dollar market, Rwanda stands at $1.09, Uganda at $0.77, Tanzania $0.75, Kenya $0.80 on regional level.

Rwanda has been forced to increase fuel prices twice this year, responding to global oil price changes since December, 2014.

The government, however, mitigated global pressure temporarily between September and October and pump prices for petrol and diesel were not exceeding Rwf888 and Rwf864 per litre respectively.