Inside Rwanda’s Affordable Housing Explosion

  • Are the announcements of huge projects for ‘affordable houses’ to be taken seriously?

When King Mohammed VI of Morocco was here in October, a $68m project for 5,000 cheap houses was announced. In December last year, executives from Qatari-Egyptian firm Almoez Holdings Group also came with a huge offer to establish thousands more houses.

Three months earlier, the Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) – a government agency, announced construction of 20,000 housing units for low income earners. Dozens other government and private entities have made similar announcements.

Kigali City, with a 1.2m population, the new housing demand is estimated at 344,068 dwelling units between 2012 and 2022. More than 60% are needed for low and middle class, according to study done by government. Kigali City says it can avail at least 10,000 dwelling units every year to bridge the gap. Are these housing units only statements or actual ground work?

Away from the figures and announcements, Kigalians need the houses like yesterday. Well aware that statements of intent take years to materialise, yet the houses are urgent, KT Press’ Leonard Nshimiyimana and Julius Rwakarema have done the work for you the reader. We know some of you have incomes which can allow you to buy yourself a house. Some – like those in the diaspora, have saved and want a descent but affordable home back in your country.

We have identified 18 projects and visited the construction sites for you in the 3 districts of Kigali. Out of 18 housing projects toured, we found only 2 housing projects are yet to begin construction – the rest are in advanced stages of construction. Some houses will cost between Rwf5m to Rwf15million, well for those that can afford Rwf50m or more – be prepared. Some houses got for as high as Rwf500m. The downside is that some projects require cash payments, though several told us they will be accepting mortgages. Some of the projects will accept installments.

As for people with not much cash at hand, the Rwanda Housing Authority says that it will introduce an incremental construction mechanism for house ownership. It is constructing houses, which will be given to buyers in unfinished state at less cost. It will be up to the new owner to upgrade the house at own pace.

So hold your cheque book - here are the actual housing projects with all details you may need:

1. Izuba CITY Estate (Government & Private)


(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)

Location: Kagugu Batsinda Cell, Kinyinya Sector
Number: 300 apartments
Description: Ground Plus 3-floors, 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms apartment built in different blocks.
Price: 1 bedroom – 41,600,000RWF
2 bedroom – 54,400,000RWF
3 bedroom – 74,400,000RWF
Mode of payment: Three-month instalments
What you should know: The site is located about 10 minutes’ drive from the Kigali Golf Club, Woodlands Supermarket around Mukabuga-Nyarutarama. It will consist of a convenient store, a kindergarten, a waste treatment and ample parking space. The construction has already started and the completion is slated for April 2017.

2. Vision City Estate (Private)
(Plaisir Muzogeye)
(Photo by Plaisir Muzogeye)

Location:  Gaculiro, Kinyinya Sector
Number: 4500 housing units
Price: Houses range from $179,000 -- $560,000 (Rwf 145,324,730 and Rwf 454,647,200)
Mode of payment: Three-month instalments
Description: 5 Bedroom luxury villas (A cloakroom, Lounge & dining area, Kitchen & pantry, Auxiliary family lounge, A self-contained domestic workers quarter, 2 car garage)
4 Bedroom luxury villas (4 bedroom & 3 bathrooms, a cloakroom, Lounge & pantry; 2 car garage).
4 Bedroom semi-detached houses (4 bedroom & 3 bathroom, a cloakroom, Lounge & dining area, Kitchen & pantry, 2 car garage)
3 Bedroom semi-detached houses (3 Bedroom, a cloakroom, Lounge & dining area, Kitchen & pantry, 2 car garage)
Observation: will be completed in four phases. Phase one is composed of 504 housing units which will be finished by December 2016.

3. DND - Triangle Real Estate (Private)
Source: DND - Triangle Real Estate Developers

Location: Nyarutarama Cell, Remera Sector Gasabo District
Number: 40 houses
Price: US$ 90,000 aboutRwf73M
Mode of payment: 3 instalments:
10% contract Signature (Commitment)
40% after installing Roof
50% When Completed
Description: 8 duplex houses in one block. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an annex with a toilet
What You Need To Know: The Triangle Real Estate is located at 500 meters from Kinyinya- Nyarutarama road. The Eritrean real Estate Company was lucky to secure clients and so far 70 percent of houses sold before the estate is even completed. 20 houses constructed are at finishing stage; 20 others still at initial stage.

4. Kisima Apartment (Private)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)

Location: Rukatsa Cell-Kigarama Sector
Number: 62 apartments in eight blocks, (One flat 4 floors including ground floor)
Description: 2 & 3 bedrooms, 1 & 2 bathrooms, kitchen; two roofed private parking, general swimming pool; recreational centre.
Price: 136,800$-338,200$ (113,500,000 & 280,706,000 Rwf)
Mode of payment: down payment (cash) or mortgage
What You Need To Know: Kisima Apartment project is located at the top of Nyanza hill sighting Gikondo and Kimihurura high-rise buildings, 150 meters from Kicukiro Centre-Nyanza road; a 15 minute car ride from Kicukiro Sonatubes roundabout.

5. Rebero Hill View (Private)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)

Location: Bwerankore Cell-Kigarama Sector
Number: 40 duplex houses
Description: Ground plus one floor with 3 bedrooms, bathroom & Kitchen
Price: Rwf50 Million
Mode of payment: Down payment
What You Need To Know: Two-storied houses built at Rebero hillside overlooking Kimisagara and Nyamirambo Sectors in Nyarugenge District is the best place to enjoy the wide view of Kigali City. The estate is situated at 3 kilometers from Gikondo CGM. The newly-completed private polyclinic and private modern school are in the vicinity of Rebero Hill View to ease you accessing school for the kids. The estate owners also indicated the prices could be negotiable at some point.

6. Gate Hill Estate (Private)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)
(Photo by Natacha Batamuriza)

Location: Kamashashi Cell-Nyarugunga Sector
Number: 100 duplex houses (Twin houses)
Description: Ground plus one floor with three bedrooms, 1 &2 bathrooms & kitchen
Price: Not found
On the ground: 50 houses completed, 50 others are at finishing stage. The house developer was reluctant to reveal the price

7. Karembure estate (Private)

Location: Karembure Cell-Gahanga Sector
Number: 100 duplex houses
Description: Ground and one floor with 3 bedrooms, 1 & 2 bathrooms, kitchen
Price: Not found
Mode of payment: Down payment
What You Need To Know: 34 houses already completed and waiting for you to take up residence, others still under construction. The price of each apartment will range up to Rwf60 M.

8. Busanza housing project (Private)

Location: Busanza Cell-Kanombe Sector
Number: 2,500 housing units
Description: Project is under proposal, Rwanda Housing Authority still seeking an investor
Price: Not yet determined
What You Need To Know: The site for construction available but work is yet to begin

9. COHAKI (Cooperative de l’Habitat de Kinyinya-Private)
Photo credit COHAKI

Location: Rwankuba Cell-Kinyinya Sector
Number: 200 houses
Description: Ground plus 1-2 floors with 4 bedrooms, 1&2 bathroom, kitchen, general parking
Price: 50-60 M Rwf
Mode of payment: Down payment
What You Need To Know: 45 houses completed; all houses projected to be finished by the end 2017

10. Ndera housing project (Private)

Location: Ndera Sector-Gasabo
Number: 2,000 houses
Description: Ground and 3 floors in apartments
What you should know: The Project is an investment of the Moroccan King. The pilot phase includes the construction of 2,000 houses but the overall project aims to construct 5,000 houses.

11. Kabuga housing project (Private)

Location: Kabuga-Ndera Sector
Number: 60 houses
Description: Four in one houses with 3 bedrooms, bathrooms & Kitchen
Price: 18M Rwf, each family house with 3 bedrooms
What You Need To Know: Construction is ongoing and the proprietor says the houses would be on the market very soon.

12. Batsinda housing project(Private)
Photo by Natacha Batamuriza
Photo by Natacha Batamuriza

Location: Kagugu Cell-Kinyinya Sector
Number: 561 dwelling units
Description: Ground and 3 floors with two and three bedrooms
Price: 40 million-45 million
Duration: May 2016-August 2018
What You Need To Know: The Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) housing project dubbed “Batsinda II” is located amid middle class residential houses built in phase I of this project. It is situated 1.5 kilometer away from Kagugu trading center.  Preparation of construction site is underway and construction materials are ready at the site.

13. Ziniya Project (government)

Location: Ziniya- Kigarama Sector
Number: 128 housing units
What You Need To Know: The site is available but work is yet to commence

14. Gisozi project (Government)

Location: Musezero Cell-Kinyinya Sector
Number: 200 housing units in duplex and blocks
Description:  Ground plus 4 storied flat composed of one, two and three bedrooms, sitting room, and dining room, bathroom, Kitchen and a store room for each family house. Each block has 36 units.
Price: 55 M Rwf
Mode of payment: Mortgage facility
What You Need To Know: Project already has land and awaiting launch of construction

15. Urukumbuzi Estate (Private)
Photo by Plaisir Muzogeye
Photo by Plaisir Muzogeye

Location: Kinyinya-Gasabo
Number: 300 houses
Description: Ground and 1 floor with three bedrooms.
Price: 17.5 million-45 million
What you need to know: 220 houses completed and 80 others are under construction. The leader of the cooperative Jean Nsabimana said during "Meet The President" event with the private sector on December 5, 2016, that they would construct  affordable houses as less as Rwf 12M.

16. IDP model village (Government)

Location: Ayabaraya Cell-Masaka Sector
Number: 152 housing units
Description: Four in one houses
Price: 36 Million-each block
Mode of payment:Mortgage payment facility
What You Need To Know:  Construction was yet to commence as of November 2016, but expropriation of communities on the land is completed. The owners told us that the houses will be ready for occupancy by June 2017. The model village is situated at 15-20 kilometers from Masaka-Kabuga main road, 30 minute car ride on a bumpy un-tarmacked road. Much of the social infrastructure will be established alongside construction.

17. Jabana Housing Project (Public)

Location: Jabana Sector
Number: 2500 affordable housing units
Description: 2-4 bedrooms, 1&2 bathroom, kitchen, general parking
Price: Rwf10-22 Million
Mode of payment: Mortgage facility
What You Need To Know:  Land for project already secured and arrangements are underway to begin construction

18. Kinyinya housing project (Government)
Photo by Natacha Batamuriza
Photo by Natacha Batamuriza

Location: Murama Cell-Kinyinya Sector
Number: 200 housing units
Description: Four blocks of apartments with 28 twin houses. Housing development is covering the average of 70% of the total site, whereas the remaining 30% of the site is reserved to public facilities and basic infrastructures, namely road networks, Schools, Health centers, and green spaces.
Mode of payment: Mortgage
What You Need To Know: It is a chosen pilot site for affordable housing development for Government employees located close to former Deutsche Welle (DW) towers, 800 meters from Kabuga Woodlands-DW road. The site area is evaluated to 2.5 hectares that will cover a number of 200 housing units within four blocks of Apartments.


  1. The numbers aren’t suggesting these are affordable houses.They are expensive for a common Rwandan.The need therefore to have units pricing at 10Mln-15-20-25-30Mln

  2. “Affordable Housing” is perhaps the most abused word in Africa today. There is nothing affordable about these houses, even by European standards. They are expensive and will be very well out of reach for most people, the payment plans are even worse.

  3. Im providing affordable housing for zimbabwean, and the prices are between 15000$-20000, I hope I will come to Rwanda and educate by demonstration wat affordable means

  4. What are the conditions to buy a house in one of these beautiful areas if I am diaspora member?

    Thank you

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