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26 Pageants Want Crown for Miss Rwanda 2017

by KT Press Staff Writer
3:51 pm

Kigali City: Five pageants selected will represent the city next week at another elimination phase for Miss Rwanda

The search for Rwanda’s most beautiful girl has entered another phase after all four provinces have presented their best candidates from the just concluded auditions.

On Saturday, Kigali city composed of three districts also presented sixteen girls from which only five passed the selection process – they include;

  • Umutoni Ashley (19years)1.71m 49kgs
  • Umutoni Yvonne (20years)1.77m 56kgs
  • Ashimwe Fiona (22years)1.70m 53kgs
  • Iradukunda Judith (21years) 1.77m 60kgs
  • Carine Mukabagabo (20years)1.77m 70kgs

Five beauty pageants will represent the city at another Miss Rwanda selection phase scheduled for next week on February 4th at Petit Stade.

Video: Miss Rwanda 2017 Kigali city pre-selection

A total of 26 contestants from all four provinces and Kigali city have been selected- They will again be screened at Petit Stade to remain with a team of only15 that will proceed to Boot camp.

While at the Boot camp, 15 selected beauties will undergo several tasks and training including; catwalk, public speaking, touring various attractions across the country, media exposure among other chores.

On February 25th, Rwandans will witness the crowning of Miss Rwanda 2017.

According to organisers, the selection process follows strict rules and guidelines – contestants are subjected to different challenges from which judges decide winners based on their abilities to transform into role models while contributing to Rwanda’s social and cultural progress.

Miss Rwanda is held under three pillars; Beauty, Brain and Culture.

Miss Rwanda was first organised in 1993 by Partners International – organisers have progressively changed including; Rwandatel in 2009, Mashirika in 2012 and Rwanda Inspiration Backup in 2014 to date.

Western Province: Six contestants selected to represent the Western province in Miss Rwanda 2017 (Carine Mutoni, Elsa Iradukunda, Guelda Shimwa, Honorine Uwase Hirwa, Linda Umutoniwase and Sandrine Uwineza)

Video above:South Province Miss Rwanda Pre-selection 

South Province: Selected pageants include; Belinda Umutoniwase, Aisha Umutesi, Queen Kalimpinya and Helene Urayeneza

Video above: Five contestants selected to represent the Eastern province

Northern Province: Selected pageants include; Laurette Mukunde, Winnie Umutesi, Diane Mutagoma, Aurore Umwali, Josiane Umutoni and Adeline Uwimbabazi