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ADEPR Church Dragged into New Wrangles

by KT Press Staff Writer
12:12 pm

Bishop Jean Sibomana ADEPR church legal representative dismisses accusations

Wrangles in the Pentecostal church (ADEPR) are not yet over- concerned members within the church are calling for an overhaul of its leadership.

A strong 5- page communiqué shared with media claims ADEPR church forces its faithful followers to raise funds for church’s projects. Other accusations include; gross mismanagement and abuse of power.

The group of five have created a ‘Restoration Commission’ headed by Dr Jean de Dieu Basabose – a missionary in the church, is determined to push for changes in the church always marred with internal wrangles.

“The communiqué is a reflection of all Christians in ADEPR and you should believe us. We are mature people who do not just make mere statements; they (Christians) are fed up of irresponsible church leaders,” Basabose told KT Press.

However, the legal representative of ADEPR church, Bishop Jean Sibomana dismissed allegations against the ‘weakening’ church leadership.

“This group has not audited how we manage church assets. We are doing very well and we are even soon launching a Rwf 5billion Dove Hotel at Gisozi,” he told KT Press.

Sibomana said the allegations of the group are only “laughable and should never be taken serious by ADEPR followers because they are mere talks.”

The ‘Restoration Commission’ group also accuses their church against misusing money meant for purchasing cows and distributing them to poor church members.

Sibomana said, “It is just laughable how someone can file a case against you because you didn’t walk the cows to the church headquarters before giving them to the beneficiaries.”

Allegations of mismanagement, favoritism, segregation and divisionism in ADEPR have been around for more than a decade.

However, internal wrangles started in 2013 resulting into change of leadership and many pastors and followers banned. Government intervened to mediate in many instances.

ADEPR is one of the biggest churches in Rwanda by number after the Catholic Church. In 2015 the church celebrated its diamond jubilee, 75 years. It has more than 2 million Christians.

ADEPR Church built Dove Hotel at a cost of Rwf 5 Billion