Nigeria and Rwanda Establish Foundation

(2nd left) Adebayo Abdul-Raheem Shittu – Nigeria’s Minister of  Communication and his delegation meeting with President Paul Kagame (centre)

Nigeria says Rwanda has surpassed it in Information Telecommunication Technology (ICT) and the two countries agreed to reinvent their partnership for development.

“Rwanda has succeeded largely in ICT for the benefit of its citizens. It has surpassed Nigeria in the sector. For a small country such as Rwanda compared to Nigeria, this shows that wisdom is not determined by size, but capacity,” said Adebayo Abdul-Raheem Shittu – Nigeria’s Minister Communication told KT Press.

Minister Adebayo is in the country since Wednesday accompanied with a delegation of officials from his Ministry and members of business sector.

In a meeting with President Paul Kagame at his office in the capital Kigali this morning, both countries agreed to form Rwanda-Nigeria foundation as a platform that will lead to signing of trade deals and exchange of skills.

Jean Philbert Nsengimana, Rwanda’s Minister of Youth and ICT told KT Press that the foundation has a lot in store for citizens of both countries.

“This foundation will enable signing of trade deals not only in the ICT sector. The two countries will start exchanging knowledge and skills.”

Nigerian investors have already set foot in Rwanda especially in the banking and insurance sectors. Nigerian investments in Rwanda include among others investments in Access Bank and Sonarwa Insurance Company.

Nigerian investors are also present in the ICT sector and private business, with a target of expanding investments to tourism, telecommunication, cultural exchanges, and oil and gas.

In other partnerships, Nigeria has been offering support to Rwanda in training of military personnel.

In the last five years, Nigeria has established a permanent diplomatic representation in Kigali and Rwanda has a permanent diplomatic representation in Abuja a year earlier, in order to enhance the economic ties and provide great stimulation to the business sector.


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