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Rwanda’s First eco-Tourism Park Will be Ready in 5-years

4:22 pm

Banner with artistic impression of the planned Nyandungu Ecotourism Park

Kigali beatification is taking a new dimension, City dwellers will soon have designated public grounds to rest, hold sporting events, picnics and enjoy shooting memorable photographs in a charming environment.

Construction of Rwanda’s first eco-tourism park is underway on 134 hectares of land in Ndera sector in Gasabo district.

Nyandungu Ecotourism Park project launched this weekend will cost a whooping Rwf2.4billion and will be completed in a period of next five years.

According to the contractor- Reserve Force, the first phase of the project will be completed in six months. The project launch is part of the National environment week which kicked off on May 27- through June 5, 2017.

The Reserve Force has been contracted to construct the eco-toursim park at this site

The Nyandungu Ecotourism Park, will have walking and cycling trails, fish ponds, botanical gardens.

Dr Vincent Biruta, Minister of Natural Resources said, “The project is part of a plan to improve clean air, protect environment but also provide green environment for citizens to spend their time off in sports and enjoying the environment.”

It is not clear how much human activity will be controlled and which activities will be prohibited around the wetland after reports indicated that Nyandungu wetland has been damaged by human activities over years.

“We are focusing on planting native trees and restoring the wetland because it has been damaged by dumping and other human activities. The planning part of activities will come afterwards,” said Jean Pierre Bucyensenge, a REMA communications officer.

The same recreational projects model is expected to be replicated at Gikondo wetland- where the city of Kigali is still struggling with relocating industrial activities in the area to the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

According to Trade and Industry officials, so far, only nine heavy industries have fully moved from Gikondo to Kigali Special Economic Zone.

Residents and public officials planting grass and native trees in the wetland to restore its natural setting

Another five industries are expected to follow when their premises are complete but light factories and about 30 industries like garages and warehouses whose relocation timelines remain unclear.

Government needs approximately Rwf25 billion to compensate industry occupants to start full relocation process in addition to about Rwf12 billion incurred in relocating the first group.

Rwanda will this year join the rest of the world to mark World Environment Day under the theme; “Connecting People to Nature”.

During the National Environment Week, various activities that aim at promoting and raising awareness on best environment-friendly practices will be conducted countrywide.