Planting Season Could Start Before End of August – Meteo Rwanda

Meteo Rwanda Predicts that the ongoing Rain clouds formation are a sign that the planting season may start before the end of August

Rwanda’s Meteorology Agency (Meteo Rwanda) estimates that the rainy season could start before the end of August – this follows the recent formation of  clouds and scattered drizzles across the country.

Frank Rusanganwa the senior meteorologist at Meteo Rwanda explains ; “the current heavy clouds witnesses are a result of wind patterns especially the Arabian wind from Red Sea which pushes moisture from north of lake Victoria. This affects parts of north eastern regions thus creating pseudo rain clouds in Rwanda”

According to Rusanganwa, once Rwanda and the rest of the region enter into the actual rainy season which influences rain patterns (azore high and Arabian) in the north western and northern eastern-, we shall have rain throughout Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Meteo officials also stated that outcomes of the Great horn Africa climate outlook forum will be used to predict clear rain patterns to enable farmers and the ministries of Agriculture in the respective countries to plan for the planting season A.

Rwandans are among the team of weather experts currently meeting in Tanzania at the Great horn Africa climate outlook forum which is expected to end by 25th August 25, 2017.

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