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Going Back To The Roots: How City Dwellers Connected With Their Origin

11:59 pm

Seths Butera and son Jamie Butera in a cow milking session during the festive season at their country home in Rwamagana

For some time now, Kigalians have been qualified as forgetful at such a point that most of them never think about returning to their country homes.

The same critics suggest that for this reason, children born in the city lack basic knowledge that you can only get from village settings.

“When you ask a child born in Kigali where milk comes from. They will tell you that it comes from a bicycle, referring to the supplier. Most children have never seen a cow,” critics say.

Some families, however, make a difference, especially during the festive season. KT Press came across some captured moments of families that traveled to the village to defy the odds.

However, the list includes other people who went out to have fun with families and friends in natural village environment.

Yvonne Mpinganzima(Right) met her cousins and sisters outside Kigali

Rwiririza Jacky(Left) drove from Kigali to Bugesera to enjoy festive season with her brothers and sisters

Stephane Nyembo with family and friends after touring Akagera National Park

Winnie Atete’s passion on Christmas Day is when she enjoys local food at her home village

The real sand away from the beach. Winnie Atete’s daughter enjoys sand at her Granny’s house


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