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Mo Ibrahim Index: Rwanda Leads in Business Environment

by Dan Ngabonziza
5:10 pm

Launch of Volkswagen Rwanda in July 27,2018. Good climate environment is attracting big companies to Rwanda

Rwanda has been ranked first African country to provide conducive business environment followed by Mauritius, according to latest 2018 Mo Ibrahim governance index.

According to the report, Rwanda emerged number one with 83.6% with an upward trend of +9.5 in the last decade, followed by Mauritius with 74.4%.

South Africa was ranked 3rd (67.6), Botswana 4th (61.5) while Ghana came on the 5th place with 61.4%.

African average in this category stood at 41.1%.

Of the five best performing countries, the report says, only Rwanda has followed a positive trajectory over the decade (+9.5), scaling up from 2nd rank in 2008 to 1st in 2017.

However, over the past five years Rwanda has also exhibited some warning signs, following a downward trajectory that could reverse the progress over the decade (at an annual average rate of -0.28 compared to +1.06 in the ten-year period), the report says.

The index contains analysis across 102 indicators from 35 independent African and global data institutions to cover all 54 African countries in the areas of Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development, among others.

The index which was launched on Monday, October 29, says that despite African countries registering strong Growth Domestic Product (GDP) over the last ten years, the continent has failed to generate economic opportunities for its booming youth population.

Since 2008, the report says, the African average score for Sustainable Economic Opportunity has increased by 0.1 point, or 0.2%, despite a continental increase in GDP of nearly 40% over the same period.

In terms of governance, Rwanda came on the 8th position.

Mauritius was ranked the first (79.5%), Sychelles on the 2nd place (73.2%) followed by Cabo Verde (71.1%), Namibia (68.6%); Botswana (68.5%), Ghana (68.1%) and South Africa which ranked 7th with 68%.

Rwanda also emerged among the ten top performers in Transparency and Accountability – coming on the 4th place after Cabo Verde, Mauritius and Namibia.

The above countries were also among the ten highest scoring countries in Sustainable Economic Opportunity.

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