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250,000 Candidates to Sit PLE Next Week

by Williams Buningwire
3:51 pm

Student at Kazo Primary School in Kamonyi gets explanation on her class examination results

Primary and Secondary Schools are winding up preparation for the National exams with expectation of excellent results.

The National Exams are scheduled to kick off next week, starting with the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE).

A total of 255,173 pupils are set to sit for PLE from 893 examination centers with each classroom accommodating 25 candidates on average.

The pupils will sit for 5 exams including Mathematics, Social and Religious Studies, Science and elementary Technology, Kinyarwanda and English.

Alphonse Sebaganwa, Head of National Examinations Department at Rwanda Education Board(REB) told KT Press that PLE candidates increased by 17,992 compared to 237,181 who sat last year, an increase of 7.6%.

“The number of students keeps on increasing thanks to the country’s resolve of an inclusive education and education for all. The completion rate is reaching almost 100%,”Sebaganwa told KT Press.

The number of primary examination centers has increased by 4.1% from 858 to 893 candidates. Meanwhile, schools that have PLE candidates expressed confidence to a good harvest.

“Children have got enough preparation for the upcoming national exams and we are expecting good results as it has been a culture at Kigali Parents,” said Charles Mutazihana, Principal of Kigali Parents’ School, a primary school in Gasabo – Kigali.

“Parents should expect the best.”

Kigali Parents’ School enrolled 245 students for PLE this year and they expect all of them to pass with grade I which is the highest in Rwanda’s national exams.

Students at Kazo Primary school, Kamonyi district review their courses. Across the country, students are awaiting for national exams with confidence

Increase in number of candidates was also registered in Ordinary Level (O level) with 99,288 students this academic year, compared to 96,288 candidates last year.

O level will sit for national exams on November 20th through 27th while the A level will start exams on the same dates but will conclude on November 30 with 45,292 candidates.

The highest increase in number of candidates was registered in private candidates.

They increase at a rate of 92.2% from 716 candidates last year to 1,376 increase this year.

Meanwhile, Sebaganwa said; “changes have been made including early release of examination results – on January 1st to help students get enough time to prepare.”

Eric Shimwa 12, a student at Nyarurama Primary School in Gatenga sector, Kicukiro district told KT Press that he is confident to pass with good marks.

“The way to go is by reading a lot, which I did. Let the exams come. I can’t wait,” Shimwa said.

“I have increased efforts in  reading , am not afraid of what questions examiners have set, my intention is passing and making my parents and school happy ”Shimwe told KT Press.