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Bill On Using Automatic Cars in Driving Tests On the Way

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:24 pm

You may take an automatic car for driving test if the draft bill is approved

A Member of Parliament has pledged support for the bill that suggests use of automatic cars for driving tests in Rwanda.

“The bill is on the way and be assured that I will support it 100%. The assumption that people who are tested on automatic vehicles are likely to cause accidents once they drive them is rather a terrible bias. The make-up of the car has nothing to do with the traffic offence,” said Member of Parliament John Rukumbura on his twitter handle on Tuesday.

Rukumbura was responding to the concern of a citizen who suggested that Police should consider letting people use vehicles with automatic transmissions to do driving licence tests.

“In some countries this happens and the licence you get is endorsed to the effect that it is valid only for driving an automatic transmission vehicle,” Tweeted Fiona Kamikazi on Tuesday prompting the MP to respond.

However, hers is not the first petition

In April this year, Frank Shumbusho – a concerned citizen filed a petition to Rwanda Parliament requesting lawmakers to amend the law on conducting driving license tests.

Shumbusho asked lawmakers to amend the law to allow candidates to have a choice between automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

In the petition letter, he argued that the current methods used to conduct driving permit tests with manual cars limits automatic vehicles owners to acquire driving licenses just like other citizens. He actually branded it as discrimination.