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Kinshasa Welcomes Rwandair with Water Salute

by Daniel Sabiiti
3:51 pm

Rwandair upon arrival at Ndjili Intl Airport – Kinshasa

Rwanda’s National carrier RwandAir has made successful landing to the international airport of Ndjili in the capital Kinshasa of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

“The Boeing 737-800NG departed Kigali International Airport for N’Djili this morning with 119 passengers on board.

Three direct flights are scheduled every week (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)” Rwanda’s ministry of infrastructure said.

The inaugural flight, which left Kigali international airport at about 10am local time, was welcomed by a traditional water salute upon arrival.

To celebrate this milestone, Rwandair invited everyone on board to take photos with their radiant smiles and the results showed nothing but a sense of excitement.

“How delightful to see everyone excited about our flight to Kinshasa,” Rwandair said in a tweet.

The flight comes less than a month after Rwandair announced its intension to expand wings to the neighbouring DRC and less month after newly elected DRC president Felix Tshisekedi visited Kigali.

At the Africa CEO summit in Kigali, end march 2019, President Tshisekedi pledged a new era of regional and bilateral co-operation between his country and regional neighbors to create new business opportunities that will transform the lives of all Africans.

DRC has long time trade ties with Rwanda especially along the borderlines, and the Congolese market has potential business opportunities ranging from timber trade, clothing lines, perfumes and gold among others.