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Rwandan Companies Ready for the 25-Million Visitor Dubai Expo

by Williams Buningwire
7:11 pm

Dubai Expo 2020 site

Local floriculture Companies are looking forward to expanding market to Asian and Middle East countries in the upcoming International Expo dubbed ‘Dubai Expo 2020.’

Organizers – Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) have already registered businesses from 132 countries.

Rwanda will be represented by horticulture companies among other businesses.

They include Bella flower and Gentian’ Mobydick and Floramatt Limited which have regular clients in Holland and the United Kingdom.

Simon Ethangatta, Managing director of Floramatt Limited told KT Press; “Dubai is known to be the biggest market for most of the products. This is an opportunity of expanding our floriculture market in Asia in addition to the existing European market.”

Floramatt Limited Company grows Mobydick flowers in Rulindo district, Northern Province.

Ethangatta shares the same view with the Rwamagana based Bella Flowers.

“Our market in Europe is seasonal. In summer, we always lose market because there is much from UK and Holland. Expanding to Asia and Middle East could be the best alternative,” says Ephraim Kwitonda, Assistant Managing Director of Bella flowers Limited.

“We expect competition with the Kenyan and Ethiopian flowers in Dubai with much trust to our flowers. They are grown in good climate which makes us optimistic to get big market. We are ready for the upcoming big event.”

Based in Rwamagana district, Eastern province, Bella flowers expects to increase exports volume to 40tones per week from the current 20 tons next year.

Rwanda has been listed among 132 countries that will participate in high-end world Expo (Dubai Expo 2020).

Expected to be the Biggest International Exhibition ever, ‘Dubai Expo 2020’ will be conducted on a 438-hectare area about 1083 acres.

The land is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi cities.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be the first World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA), with 25 million visits expected between 20 October next year and 10 April, 2021.

Approximately 70% of these visitors will come from outside the United Emirates Arab- UAE, which, according to the organizers, will be the largest proportion of International visitors in the 168-year history of World Expos.

Dubai Expo 2020 will consist of several multi-purpose halls, four suites and 24 meeting rooms for any event and large indoor concerts.

Other businesses expected include, superior tourism, exceptional hospitality stands, among others.

As part of preparation, Dubai’s government has already spent over $40 billion on major infrastructure projects related to the Expo, including a new $2.9-billion metro line and an expansion to a new airport near the Expo site.

The mega-event is expected to give the United Arab Emirates an economic boost of over $33 billion according to a recent study by Ernst and Young-a consultancy company.