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Altron, Pascal Technology Inject $ 18M in New Taxi Meters

by Williams Buningwire
5:35 pm

Moto taxi riders in Kigali- Pascal Technology and partner promise to install more than 7000 GPS and Taxi meter on motorcycles by February 2020

Altron, a South African technology company has partnered with Pascal Technologies, a local company to install over 10,000 motorcycles with Global positioning satellites (GPS) gadgets and taxi meters before the end of February 2020.

Pascal technologies–a local company is known for installing speed governors in passenger buses, cars and trucks across Rwanda.

The duo has today announced that effective next week, first phase of 7,054 motorcycles will be installed with these new gadgets (GPS and taxi meters).

“Our target is to have all Kigali city motorcycles catered for before end of February, next year. We will make sure that we hit this target through  several partnerships with other technology companies,” Pascal Ndizeye, Chief Executive Officer of Pascal Technologies said.

“These gadgets have unique application; they are easily tracked by police, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and the passengers can access information about the rider before engaging him.”

The new taxi meters are equipped with software that inform the passenger on several components about the driver and his cab/moto; for example, it can indicate whether he/she has life insurance.  This is done by downloading an application (passenger safety application) and inserting number plates of the motorcycle.

Upon putting the number plate in the ‘passenger safety application,’ the passenger receives information including names of the motorist, health insurance status, driving permit, and the photo of the rider himself.

“These new gadgets allow passengers to get information about the rider, they can easily report him if ever he violates traffic rules or is involved in any traffic accident,” Ndizeye said.

Riders have been complaining about existing gadgets, saying they easily break, absorb water and dust which spoil them.

According to Ndizeye, these new gadgets have been tasted and accepted by relevant regulators.

“They are high standard, durable, safely covered with glasses to avoid water and dust and keep passengers updated before the ride,” Ndizeye said.

The new taxi meter gadgets cost Rwf200, 200, paid in cash or in installments.

“We allow motorists to pay in installments. So far 7054 applicants have been successfully received, but registration continues,” Ndizeye said.

In a bid to start the exercise of installing these gadgets in motorcycles, Altron Company has committed $18Million.

“We are an experienced technology company. We hope this money will be used in installing these standard gadgets, ” Ike Dube, managing director of Altron said.

“This is the beginning of our partnership. But it will continue to have all the motorcycles installed.”

Installation of taxi meters aims at reducing rate of accidents while also boosting traffic safety  in Kigali city.

This year, from January to September figures from police indicated that 532 people died in road accidents, 705 were seriously injured, in the same period. Moreover, 1300 properties including cars, motorcycles, passenger valuables were destroyed.

Of these accidents, 61% were caused by motorcycles.