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Kigali City District Mayors Dropped

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
7:09 pm

Kayisime Nzaramba-Left and Stephen Rwamurangwa

Kigali city district mayors have been dropped in a move to implement the new law governing the City of Kigali of July 2019.

In the new structure of city of Kigali, districts do not have legal personality and the title of the mayor was replaced by the District Executive Administrator and the deputy District Executive Administrator.

Members of this executive organ of the districts of city of Kigali are appointed by the Prime Minister.

In this context, this evening, Prime Minister Dr. Edouard  Ngirente appointed Mrs Pauline Umwali as Gasabo District Executive Administrator and Regis  Mudaheranwa  as Deputy District Executive Administrator of the same district.

If we consider the order structure, Umwali replaces Stephen Rwamurangwa who was Gasabo district mayor. Similarly, the two vice mayors of the district automatically lost their jobs.

In Kicukiro district, Solange Umutesi was appointed District Executive Administrator while Adalbert Rukebanuka was appointed Deputy District Executive Administrator.

In Kicukiro, the district had a mayor in acting position after Dr. Jeanne Nyirahabimana was promoted to the position of the executive secretary of Eastern Province mid last year.

PM Ngirente also appointed Emmy Ngabonziza as District Executive Administrator for Nyarugenge district and Esperance Nshutiraguma as the Deputy District Executive Administrator of the same district.

Kayisime Nzaramba was the mayor of Nyarugenge district until Friday morning.

In other positions in City of Kigali, Mrs  Julian Rugaza was appointed City Manager and Emmanuel Asaba Katabarwa as City Engineer.

Katabarwa is shifting from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority(RURA) where he was in charge of transport.

Joseph Niyongabo was appointed Director General of Corporate Services and Miss Marie Solange Muhirwa as Chief of Urban Planning.

Jean Rubangutsangabo is the new Urban Economist.

Meanwhile, the new law does not affect the head of the executive committee of City of Kigali.

The Executive Committee of the City of Kigali comprises of three (3) members elected from members of the Council of the City of Kigali, including at least one woman, namely: 1° the Mayor of the City of Kigali; 2° the Vice Mayor of the City of Kigali in charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure; and 3° the Vice Mayor of the City of Kigali in charge of Socio-economic Affairs.