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Paying Water Bill Made 100% Digital During Covid-19 Lockdown

by Daniel Sabiiti
2:01 pm

Water Billing. A commercial field officer will not be able to come home to issue a bill during Covid-19 lockdown

The month of March is ending and many Rwandans remain under the coronavirus national lockdown which has entered its second week.

Water bills are some of the utilities that have to be paid by clients of the Water and Sanitation Cooperation (Wasac) before the month ends this Tuesday.

In order to make this process easy and in response to the Prime Minister’s directives of staying at home, Wasac is reminding its clients that the water billing process will not be conducted by the Commercial Field Officer (CFOs).

Usually the Wasac CFOs move door to door billing each client in regard to the meter readings every end of the month.

But with the coronavirus lockdown and limitation to unnecessary movements, Wasac says that the billing and payment will be done on digital platforms and mobile payments.

“This time, we are asking clients to take an image of the meter readings and send it to their respective branch WhatsApp numbers , then a billing and receipt will be done and sent to the clients, who thereafter can pay using mobile money,” said Dan Iraguha, the Wasac communications officer.

For those who have access to internet, they can log on to the Wasac website – https://www.wasac.rw/ go to the E-Services section and enter their account info (POC number) to check the bill and proceed with choices of bank or mobile payments.

Iraguha said that since entering the covid-19 lockdown the system is working well as response to preventing spread of the diseases but the uptake needs to be improved so as to avoid piles of water bills.

With a target of reaching 100% access to clean water, Government secured a loan from the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is currently building water extension lines, storage tanks and replacing old water supply networks in Kigali city and sub- urban areas.

The utility is undertaking construction of main water treatment plants and forwarding infrastructure pipelines of 67,344 meter to ensure adequate water supply especially in Kigali, sub- urban areas and secondary cities.

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