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Hope Is My Favorite Theme – Senderi

by Andrew Shyaka
4:00 pm

Senderi International Hit

Afro-beat star Eric Senderi Nzaramba aka Senderi Hit has revealed that, creating and singing songs that comfort the survivors of 1994 Genocide against Tutsi keeps him stronger and gives him vivid memories of the Genocide.

The ex- combatant who served in Rwanda Defence Force(RDF) believes that through his songs Rwandans especially youth, get to know very well what happened in Rwanda in 1994 and how the country has managed to transform through unity and reconciliation programs.

“When I record such songs talking about what happened in my country during the Genocide especially what I saw with my own eyes in Eastern province where I come from, it relieves my heart, keeps me stronger and eager to fight for never again in Rwanda,” Sendeli a.k.a International Hit said.

“I know it helps heal and gives hope to those that passed through such nightmare.”

The singer is known by many for popularizing government programs like Mituelle, unity and reconciliation, health and agriculture through his educative songs.

Early this year, Sendeli was recognized by district authorities of Kirehe in Eastern Province, where he hails from for composing music that appeals to the people of his homeland and that give insight into the importance of supporting the country’s development programs.

Recently, the singer released a new song narrating how hundreds of innocent Tutsi were slaughtered by Interahamwe militias in Gakoni-Kiziguro in former commune Murambi which is now Gatsibo district.

Through the song, Senderi talks about how Interahamwe militias murdered Tutsi and dumped them into mass holes purposely dug for the same cause.

‘Abanyarwanda Twaribohoye’ hitmaker is famous for his songs which send out educative messages about national development policies, health, prevention of crimes, epidemics such AIDS, malaria and many more.