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Bruce Melodie Opens A Music House

by Andrew Shyaka
4:06 pm

R&B artiste Bruce Melodie has unveiled a new record label house dubbed Igitangaza music where he signed two upcoming musicians Kenny Sol&Juno Kizigenza.

According to Bruce Melody, the new music house aims at promoting local talents and mainly, work with upcoming artists at a very low cost.

“All along I had a dream to own a music label and be able to help young artists because I know the hustle they go through, some of epic talents die before maturity due to lack of means to make it through studios. Igitangaza music will support them at any cost,” says Bruce Melody.

Back in 2015, Bruce Melody was awarded music instruments from Primus Guma Guma competition and the instruments are going to be put to good use.

Bruce Melody is a face of entertainment based television Isibo which was recently opened and aims at giving local music power play.

The 30-year-old singer rose to fame in 2010 after the release of singles Tubivemo and Telephone, and since then he has never slowed down.

He is also one of the best vocalists and highly paid musicians in the industry with fat pay cheques of commercial adverts from big corporate companies.