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Rwanda Lobbies CSOs Engagement in 2050 Development Goals

by Daniel Sabiiti
6:21 pm

Usta Kayitesi(2nd right), RGB CEO launching the CSOs report

Rwanda Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) have launched the first report on their contribution to the country’s transformation which indicates that from 2018-2019, the organizations contributed a record $196million to Rwanda’s development.

The report dubbed “Delivering to Rwanda’s Transformative Agenda” was published November 27, 2020 in Kigali by the Network of International Non-Governmental Organizations (NINGO) and Rwanda Civil Society Platform and endorsed by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB).

The launch was presided over by RGB CEO, Usta Kaitesi, One United Nations- Rwanda Resident Coordinator, Fode Ndiaye and the Chairperson of Board of Director of Rwanda Civil Society Platform (RCSP) Dr. Joseph Nkurunziza and Sean Kerrigan, Chairperson of Rwanda NINGO.

The report shows that the contribution of CSO to the overall development of Rwanda towards the country’s achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was huge and over eleven yeas the organizations have injected over Rwf255billion ($428m) in support to country’s program.

Sean Kerrigan said these achievements have been because Rwanda government has provided a favorable working environment for CSOs and stated that by working together and aligning efforts they will significantly improve ability to positively impact lives in the new transformative agenda.

Usta Kayitesi used the opportunity to appeal to the CSOs to shift their focus on ensuring Rwandans achieve the 2050 development goals after attaining remarkable results in the vision 2020.

“We (Rwanda) have not yet achieved what we need and the journey is still long, thus the need to have more partners in areas of development, governance and justice, and all these activities should be aimed at improving citizen’s welfare,” she said.

The One UN Boss, Ndiaye said that since this was the first time the CSOs have presented a financial report on their contributions, it was also important that the next one should also consider evaluating the impact on their activities.

“We need to see the area of accountability to show what was done, but also ask the people how they see our intervention, how they see us, if we are doing well since they are the judges of these activities,” Ndiaye said.

He also stated that CSOs have to enhance the aspect of capacity building which he said is the measure of their success when the community starts owning and do things by itself.

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