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Senate Approves Senior Education Officials

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
9:02 pm

Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana

The Rwanda Senate has today approved two senior education officials who were appointed by the cabinet on February 19.

Approved are heads of newly formed education institutions including; Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, Director-General of Rwanda Basic Education Board and Bernard Bahati, Director General of National Examination and School Inspection Authority.

Dr Bernard Bahati

The two were presented to the plenary by the committee of social affairs and human rights.

“In a conversation with us, Dr. Bernard Bahati said he conducted a research on how ICT can be used in conducting constant evaluation which is part of mandates of the institution he was entrusted leadership and thus, he believes he qualifies,” said Adrie Umuhire, chairperson of the committee.

Bahati further told the senate committee, that his office will conduct quality inspection to understand how teachers deliver, how students are taught and the output, a similar duty he had at University of Rwanda.

Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana

For Dr. Nelson Mbarushimana, priority is equally to improve quality of education, and he said, he will proceed by getting qualified teachers to pre-primary level so that pupils start primary school with a strong foundation.

Quality of education, from pre-primary to tertiary education has always raised several concerns among the Rwandan community at large.

Appointment of the two officials means that Rwanda Education Board(REB) will hand over some responsibilities, which may translate a relief and a possibility to deliver better.

During the February 19 cabinet appointment, the two officials were appointed alongside several other senior civil servants.

Dr Alphonse Sebaganwa

For example, Dr Alphonse Sebaganwa was appointed head of department of Basic Education and TVET Examination at National Examination and School Inspection Authority.

Leon Mugenzi Ntawukuriryayo

Leon Mugenzi Ntawukuriryayo, was appointed Head of Teacher Development, Management, Career Guidance, and Counseling Development at Rwanda Basic Education Board.

Dr Sylvie Mucyo

Dr Sylvie Mucyo was appointed Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Training, Institutional Development, and Research and Rwanda Polytechnic.

Aimable Nsabimana

Also in the same institution, Dr Aimable Nsabimana was appointed as Deputy Vice-chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance.

Photos by Plaisir Muzogeye

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