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Rwanda Opens Borders To Receive Influx of Congolese Citizens Fleeing Volcanic Eruption

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:14 am

Rwanda has opened its border to receive an influx of displaced citizen of Goma city in the Eastern Part of the Democratic Republic of Congo bordering with Rubavu in Rwanda fleeing the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano.

The volcano started its eruption activity last evening around 7PM with lava allegedly descending to the Nothern Kivu capital city of Goma.

The Ministry of Emergency Management of Rwanda has indicated that over 3500 Congolese have so far fled the incident to Rwanda.

“Rubavu, Rwanda has received more than 3,500 Congolese seeking refuge from the Nyiragongo volcanic eruption. The national contingency plan is in place to ensure safety and humanitarian services,” the Ministry indicated.

The fleeing community took a few of their belongings and crossed by both “Grande and Petite Barriere” at Rubavu to save their life. On its side, Rwanda hurried the Red Cross agents to administer the first aid.

The arriving displaced community is received at Rubavu stadium, all visibly tired because they had to wait for a while that Congo opens the border to let them cross to Rwanda. The weak, the old, and pregnant women are transported by vehicles that were availed by the government of Rwanda.

Other family members are heading to their Rwandan friends to seek safe haven.

At the border, a Congolese refugee Chance Matare told Kigali Today reporter, on ground that this influx of refugees has to be handled carefully.

He was referring to his experience of 2oo2 when the same volcano erupted.

“So many children were lost in the saga.  Evacuation is this particular time is an exercise that has to be handled carefully,” he said.

“But we are confident that all will be fine. Rwanda received us well, police officers of the country are assuring our security and other basic requirements. We are fine.”

Rwanda’s Ambassador to DRC was thankful that back home, Congolese citizens are being well received.

“Rwandan borders are open and the reception of our neighbors is flowing peacefully. There was not hinderance whatsoever, rather the organization is utmost,” Karega said.

The fleeing people were first desperate since their country hesitated before opening the border.

Conglose President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi has written that he is following closely to assure human security.

“The president has decided to interrupt his trip in Europe from Sunday 23 to supervise the coordination of emergency response to the citizen of the areas that are affected by the volcanic eruption,” the office of the President wrote last evening.

Syldio Sebuharara, our reporter on ground said, that the lava is descending towards Kibumba, Trois Antennes, Kirimanyoka, Kanyarucinya and Rusayo all the way towards Sake, regions of Goma.


The fleeing citizens said that the lava’s itinerary was so far in the inhabited areas rather than residential areas.

“We basically feared for our lives but no lava has invaded a residential neighborhood this far,” reports one Congolese refugee.


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